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IU East News and Notes

Monday, October 19th

Mathematics professor invited to present at conference
Mort Seddighin, professor of mathematics, has been invited to present a talk during the 2009 Midwest Optimization Conference on Saturday, October 17, at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.
The presentation is “Some Techniques of Matrix Optimization.” Seddighin is using a lemma, which he discovered, to analytically solve the “Distribution of Search Effort” problem. This problem, which is among famous research allocation problems in operations research, has applications in the military.

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Faculty member featured in science magazine

Friday, June 22nd

Joan E. Lafuze, professor of biology, was recently featured in the Spring 2007 edition of Association for Women in Science (AWI.)

The article is a conversation piece with Lafuze that includes her educational and research background.

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