Art competition’s Top Ten to be announced November 5

Art competition’s Top Ten to be announced November 5

Indiana University East is announcing the inclusions of the Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition during a reception for the artists. James Yood, an adjunct full professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the department of Art History, Theory and Criticism, publicly juried the competition held on October 4 at IU East.

The Top Ten winners will be announced during an artists’ reception that will be held on Wednesday, November 5 at 7 p.m. in Whitewater Hall.

The competition accepts entries from artists throughout a 300-mile radius around Richmond.
Accepted entries will be on exhibit in Whitewater Hall now until December 12 in The Gallery at IU East. For more information on the show, please call Ed Thornburg, curator, at (765) 973-8605.

The following 69 entries were selected out of 226 submissions.

Lisa Alexander,  Miamisburg, Ohio: “Billy Joel” Digital Photo

Bethany Anderson, Richmond, Ind.: “Lines” Digital Photo

Scott Anderson, Hartford City, Ind.: “Tree of Dogma and Intolerance
Primordial Flowers and…….” and “Fruit of the Tree of Life…” Acrylic on Canvas on Panel

Mezzie Ash, Westfield, Ind.: “Karmen Lara” Quilted Fiber Art

Marcie Asher, Richmond, Ind. : “Untitled” Manipulated Copper

Hannah Barnes, Muncie, Ind.: “Snare” and “Slipped Dryer” Oil on Wood Panel

Walt Bistline, Richmond, Ind.: “Gulf Coast Storm #3” and “Ice Fog (Tree)” Archival Pigment Inkjet Print

Sharon Bowman, Muncie, Ind.: “Gee’s Bend, Africa” Fiber

Tom Butters, Greens Fork, Ind.: “Old Blue Chair” Oil on Canvas

Pat Clark, Eaton, Ohio: “The Exchange of Gifts” Collage

Wilbur Clark, Richmond, Ind.: “Nature-Sharing” Digital Photo

India Cruse-Griffin, Richmond, Ind.: “Wading in the Water” Mixed

Bethany Dafler, Hagerstown, Ind.: “Child’s Play” Digitally Enhanced Photo

Pamela DeMarris, Muncie, Ind.: “Body Builder” B/W Print from Negative

Antoine de Villiers, Richmond, Ind.: “Sink” Giclee Print from Digital Photo

Miriam Dolnick, Richmond, Ind.: “Landscape Collage 1” Mixed

Jack Earley, Loveland, Ohio: “Comes a Bird” Acrylic on Canvas

Chris Evrard, Oxford, Ohio: “Darwinism” W/C on paper

Rebecca Fallat, Liberty, Ind.: “Chicken Evolution” Pastel on Paper

R. Martin George, Muncie, Ind.: “Fingerprint of God” Fiber

Gail Ginther, Metamora, Ind.: “Ray’s Crossing” Acrylic on Canvas

Larry Graham, Muncie, Ind.: “Aquarium” Graphite / Colored Pencil

Richard Green, Richmond, Ind.: “Saskia as Flora” Monotype

Lloyd Greene, Richmond, Ind.: “Provence Town” Digital Photo

Robert Haines, Bloomington, Ind.: “Camptown Ladies 4:52” Oil on Canvas

Jim Hair, Richmond, Ind.: “Portal” Giclee Print from Original Negative

David Hannon, Muncie, Ind.: “Strange Passion” and “Lost Pilgrimage” Mixed Media

Sara Hanlon, Columbus, Ind.: “Office Supplies in Space” Mixed

Billy Hertz, Louisville, Ky.: “Untitled #12” Oil on Canvas

Lindsay Hine, Bloomington, Ind.: “Industrial Dreamscape: Antique Photocollage Technicolor Sleep”

Kristin Johnson, Hagerstown, Ind.: “Iced Up” Color Photo

Lynn Johnstone, Richmond, Ind.: “Time After Time” Acrylic on Canvas

Richard Jurus, Dayton, Ohio: “Sacred Time Zone” Giclee Print

Benny Kenworthy, Richmond, Ind.: “Untitled” Acrylic on Board

Patricia Kowalski-King, Selma, Ind.: “Second Thoughts” Embroidery

R. Paulette Lancaster, Carmel, Ind.: “Red Pods #2” Fiber / Acrylic

Virgil Looney, Richmond, Ind.: “Work” Digital Photo

Jesse Mahmoudi, Indianapolis, Ind.: “Untitled” Ink on Paper

Suga Y. Matsui, Richmond, Ind.: “Flickering” Archival Pigment Inkjet Print

C. Pat McClelland, Kettering, Ohio: “Liberty Leading the People” Wood, Paper, Paint

Kathy McGhee, Galloway, Ohio: “Reflections II” Intaglio – Photogravure

Amy Mitchell, Eaton, Ohio: “Canon Canon” (tilde omitted)* Oil / Mixed

Clara G. Whitman Parrett, Centerville, Ohio: “Prevailing” Redware Clay

Doris Phelps, Williamsburg, Ind.: “Memorandum” Tempera/Acrylic on Canvas

Jack Phelps, Williamsburg, Ind.: “Ball” Etching

Cyndy Phillips, Richmond, Ind.: “Reflections of a Frozen Summer Enhanced Digital Photo

Palline Plum, Richmond, Ind.: “Vermont Bump Piece” Hydrocal / Hydrostone

Josh Ralls, Winchester, Ind.: “Josh Ralls, Artist” Pencil/Marker on Paper

Harriet Rollitt, Richmond, Ind.: “Earlham Women Soccer Team ‘07” Oil on Canvas

David Samuels, Centerville, Ind.: “Mimic” Photo

Austin Sayre, Muncie, Ind.: “Today Who Am I?” Encaustic

William Schmiechen, Richmond, Ind.: “Aww” Encaustic / Collage

Max Schwartz, Hagerstown, Ind.: “Antelope Canyon” Photo

Ellie Siskind, Indianapolis, Ind.: “Lipstick Culture: Allie” Acrylic on Canvas

Neal Soley, Indianapolis, Ind.: “Elephantitus” Acrylic on Canvas

Aaron Stiner, Richmond, Ind.: “Half Circle” Wood / Paint

Jeff Sylvia, Hagerstown, Ind.: “Alchemy #34” Computer Imagery

Susanna Tanner, Richmond, Ind.: “Going Green” Giclee Print from Digital Photo

Jerry D. Thompson, Richmond, Ind.: “Creek Road” Acrylic on Canvas

Joyce Thorn, Richmond, Ind.: “Untitled” Acrylic on Paper

Vicki Vardaman, Lynn, Ind.: “1960’s New Orleans #1” Computer Graphic Print

Carly Wasson, Muncie, Ind.: “Abstract Figure Study” Oil on Canvas

Nate Wilson, Richmond, Ind.: “Eye of the Storm” Clay /Burnished Lacquer

Laura Wogoman, West Alexandria, Ohio: “Purple Hosta Flower” Quilted Batik Fabric

Micah Wood, Richmond, Ind.: “Why Are We Doing This? Oil on Canvas

Coleman Yunger, Richmond, Ind.: “Untitled” Mixed Media on Wood

Jay Zimmerman, Muncie, Ind.: “Flight of the Guardians” Giclee Print


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