BOOST to bring community voices together

BOOST to bring community voices together

The Positive Place Initiative will bring over 250 people together from the community for BOOST (Building On Our Strengths Together) on Thursday, January 31, at noon in Lingle Hall, Reid Hospital & Health Care Services. The Positive Place Initiative will host the working lunch to create and BOOST the community conversation about taking action and creating a more vibrant community.

“The Positive Place Initiative survey identified many positive points of potential within the community. Bringing together so many interested individuals from different perspectives will help identify ways to work together to build on these,” said Fredricka Joyner, associate professor of business administration and organization behavior at Indiana University East.

The keynote speaker is Jim Walker, executive director of Big Car, will present “Creating Vibrant Places.” Walker is founder and executive director of Big Car, a nonprofit creativity and livability organization based in Indianapolis. He works as a community builder, designer, teacher, public artist, and writer. Walker believes everyone deserves daily access to the joys of art, creativity, and natural beauty.

Katherine Frank, dean of IU East’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, said the BOOST event will serve as the foundation for follow-up small group discussions focused on issues that are surfaced through conversation on January 31.

“These small group discussions will help to organize people around action items intended to move forward projects and initiatives. As with the BOOST event, we hope to bring as many voices and perspectives into the conversation as possible and excite people about the possibilities that exist for Wayne County,” Frank said.

During the event, an original art piece by India Cruse-Griffin will be unveiled. The artwork grew out of the county’s Positive Place Initiative and IU East’s “One Book, Many Voices” project.

The piece is composed of separate panels that can be featured individually or together.  They reflect Cruse-Griffin’s interpretation of the stories and visions of Wayne County collected through the Positive Place Initiative survey. The artwork will serve as a catalyst as we continue the community conversation during 2013.

About the Positive Place Initiative
The Positive Place Initiative is one of several projects that have grown out of the Richmond Mayor’s Council on Economic Vitality. This group of business, community, and political leaders was convened to identify the area’s best opportunities for economic advancement and find solutions to problems that stand in our way.

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