Community Art Piece by India Cruse-Griffin to be unveiled during BOOST event

Community Art Piece by India Cruse-Griffin to be unveiled during BOOST event

An original art piece by India Cruse-Griffin will be unveiled during the Positive Place Initiative’s upcoming event, BOOST (Building On Our Strengths Together), on Thursday, January 31, at noon in Lingle Hall, Reid Hospital & Health Care Services. The artwork grew out of the county’s Positive Place Initiative and IU East’s “One Book, Many Voices” project.

The piece is composed of separate panels that can be featured individually or together.  They reflect Cruse-Griffin’s interpretation of the stories and visions of Wayne County collected through the Positive Place Initiative survey. The artwork will serve as a catalyst as the community conversation continues during 2013.

Cruse-Griffin provided a preview of what the community will see in the piece once it’s unveiled. The panels carry a seasonal theme while showcasing the best of Wayne County.

“We are community, and what a community we have! I hope when people look back at my painting they see Wayne County and remember who we are, where we are and where we can go,” Cruse-Griffin said.

Dean of the IU East School of Humanities and Social Sciences Katherine Frank said businesses, schools, organizations, and others will be invited to apply to feature the piece, and as part of the application process will be asked how they plan to use the artwork to foster conversation and build collaboration and community.

“We are excited by the many programming opportunities that are made possible by India’s complex and inspiring piece. We are confident that this piece will resonate with the Wayne County community and help generate many ideas for thinking about its past, present, and future,” Frank said.

The event is a working lunch to create and “BOOST” the community conversation about taking action and creating a more vibrant community.

Cruse-Griffin was chosen for this project due to her strong reputation as an artist, deep ties and commitment to Wayne County, and unique style that is rich in layers, depth, and complexity. She said she did a lot of soul searching while working on the piece.

“This has been one of the most difficult pieces that I have had to do. I spent a lot of time thinking about Wayne County and where we should go as a community,” Cruse-Griffin said. “I hope that people love it. I’m very proud of it. I’m very pleased with the outcome.”

About the Positive Place Initiative
The Positive Place Initiative is one of several projects that have grown out of the Richmond Mayor’s Council on Economic Vitality. This group of business, community, and political leaders was convened to identify the area’s best opportunities for economic advancement and find solutions to problems that stand in our way.

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