IU East Mindful Explorations presents lecture by artist Steve Prescott

IU East Mindful Explorations presents lecture by artist Steve Prescott

Indiana University East will present a Mindful Explorations lecture by Steve Prescott from 3-5 p.m. on Friday, March 27, in Tom Raper Hall Room 124.StevePrescott1

The event is free and open to the public. The lecture is sponsored by Mindful Explorations, courtesy of the William H. and Jean R. Reller Endowment.

Steve Prescott has been freelancing in the fantasy and sci-fi gaming industry since the mid ’90s, working on products from such companies as White Wolf Games, FASA, Paizo, Blizzard, Animal Planet, and most notably for Wizards of the Coast where he has contributed heavily to both Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering.

Currently, Prescott’s artwork is the feature and driving force behind the mobile app game “SoulSpark” set to be released in March 2015.

Prescott received his Bachelor in Fine Arts in Illustration from Columbus College of Art and Design.

Ann Kim, assistant professor of fine arts at IU East, said Prescott’s work appeals to a wide range of audiences as well as merges aspects of fine arts with that of commercial art.WizardsoftheCoast1

“Steve is an internationally renown freelance artist who supports his family solely through his art making, which will be beneficial for those students who want to learn more about the commercial aspect of art. He will be speaking not only about his work but also the business side of art, which will be an insightful talk for anyone who is interested in being self-employed in any creative field,” Kim said.

Prescott will be available to sign copies of his books and cards following the lecture.



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