IU East News and Notes

IU East News and Notes

History and Political Science Club to hold book signing
An author book signing and sale featuring Assistant Professor of History Daron Olson and Associate Professor of World Languages and Cultures Julian Simon will be held from 2-3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5, in the Community Room. The event is sponsored by the History and Political Science Club.

Simon was the co-editor of The Cognition of Literature, published by the Board of the University of Texas Press in spring 2012. The Cognition of Literature is an anthology on Cognitive Literary Studies, featuring both humanists and scientists.

The first chapter, “Current Themes and New Directions in Cognitive Literary Studies,” which is a panorama of the field of Cognitive Literary Studies, was co-authored by Simon.

Olson published his book, Vikings Across the Atlantic: Emigration and the Building of A Greater Norway, 1860-1945, in December 2012. The book was published by the University of Minnesota Press.

In the book, Olson looks at how the Vikings landing in the year 1000 in North America and Norway’s King Haakon VII return from exile in June 1945 form the vision of a greater Norway that expanded the boundaries of the Norwegian nation. According to the book’s excerpt, Olson looks at matters of religion, literature, media, and ethnicity, to explore how Norwegian-American myths changed over time in relation to a broader Anglo-American culture, and were at the same time influencing and being influenced by Norway’s burgeoning national culture.



Business faculty publishes case study on organizational culture, crisis management
IU East School of Business and Economics Dean David Frantz and Fredricka Joyner, associate professor of business administration and organization behavior, published an article in this month’s issue of the Journal of Business Case Studies.

The article, “When Culture Saved the Day: Organizational Culture and Crisis Management,” appears in the March/April 2013 issue. According to the article’s abstract, the case focuses on Regional Hospital’s approach to building an intentional organization culture and how that work contributed to the organization’s ability to survive a crisis.

The Journal of Business Case Studies is a publication for use in business and economics courses and features articles related to the use of case studies in the classroom.






Associate librarians publish chapter in LibGuides book
Lora Baldwin and Sue McFadden, associate librarians, recently published a chapter in the book Using LibGuides to Enhance Library Services: A LITA Guide. Baldwin and McFadden co-wrote Chapter 11, “Using Statistical Gathering Tools to Determine Effectiveness and Accountability.” The book was published by ALA TechSource in January 2013.

The work built on their expertise as LibGuide administrators, knowledge of instruction and understanding of statistical facts.

The book is a reference guide organized by the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), a division of ALA. The mission of LITA is to educate, serve and reach out to its members, other ALA members and divisions, and the entire library and information community through its publications, programs and other activities designed to promote, develop, and aid in the implementation of library and information technology.





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