IU East offers three-year program in criminal justice

IU East offers three-year program in criminal justice

Students interested in criminal justice can take the fast track to graduation.

Indiana University East is offering a three-year degree program in criminal justice. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree is offered through the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Students majoring in criminal justice can opt to accelerate their education by taking courses on a full-time basis including during the summer months.

“For students who can attend college full-time and take courses in the summer, this is an opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree early and either enter the workforce a year before they otherwise would or continue their studies in graduate school ahead of their peers,” said Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Larry Richards.

Robert Ramsey, associate professor of criminal justice, developed the accelerated three-year program for students majoring in criminal justice.

Ramsey advises students who are considering the accelerated degree program to follow the recommended sequence of courses so they will graduate on time.

IU East offers over 50 degree programs, many of which could be completed under four years if students maintain a full-time schedule and attend courses during the summer.

“The need for young men and women with bachelor’s degrees in the new economy is greater than ever and growing,” Richards said. “IU East has a variety of degree programs that students can complete in less than four years by taking courses in the summer, and I expect the number to increase over the next couple of years.”

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