IU East retention rates for beginning students on the rise

IU East retention rates for beginning students on the rise

Preliminary retention rates for Indiana University East show an increase in the number and percent of beginning students continuing their enrollment from the fall to the spring semester. IU East now has the highest retention rate for beginning students of all the Indiana University regional campuses.

Retention at IU East is now at 85.5 percent for students who began in the fall 2009. The achievement is considerable when compared to fall 2008, at which time IU East’s rate was 80.5 percent.

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Larry Richards reports that, “student retention is on the rise due to the restructuring of academic advising and the addition of new offices and programs to assist students and get them more engaged with the faculty, such as University College, First-Year Seminar, Office of Retention, Writing Center, and Mathematics Center. We are also being much more selective with admissions, working closely with Ivy Tech to ensure that students are placed where they are most likely to be successful.”

Other initiatives aimed at improving the retention of students have included an improved campus life and more activities for students—for example, an active campus center, intercollegiate athletics, music programs, and student events. These enhancements have contributed to school spirit and a greater sense of pride and belonging.

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