IU East Student News and Notes

IU East Student News and Notes

Fine Arts Senior Exhibition at Room 912
Richmond, Ind. – Seniors majoring in fine arts will celebrate their accomplishments with an exhibition of their work, commencing on April 30 at Indiana University East’s Room 912, located at 912 E. Main Street in Richmond. The exhibit is open through June 3.

Each student will be exhibiting work based on a single theme. Visitors to the exhibition will be treated to large scale, wheel thrown floor vases, animal-rights focused sculptures, detailed surrealist paintings, a utilitarian pottery series with hand carved elements and gilded gold details, a collage and assemblage series about creatures of legend like the Loch Ness Monster, the Jackelope, Bigfoot, and Unicorns, and a painting and sculpture series focusing on the materiality of paint and color relationships.

“Our seniors have been working tirelessly this semester to complete their first cohesive exhibitions,” said Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Carrie Longley.

Exhibiting Artists include:
Pat Allred, Modoc, Ind.
Danielle Ames, Richmond, Ind.
Brandon Brockman, Fountain City, Ind.
Eric Hall, Economy, Ind.
Sarah Miller, Connersville, Ind.
Megan Templeton, Connersville, Ind.

Annual Student Showcase exhibit
The IU East and Purdue Polytechnic Richmond 2016 Student Showcase and Awards Reception was held April 26 in the Meijer Artway, located in Whitewater Hall. The showcase is on display now through June 17.

Entry was open to any student having taken an art studio, lecture, or methods course during the current or previous semester. Entries were accepted in these mediums: drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, metalsmithing, and computer/photography.

“This is a very balanced exhibit, with an equal amount of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. With the unusually high quality of the entries, the judge had a difficult time selecting the winners,” said Ed Thornburg, lecturer in fine arts and Art Galleries director and curator.

The showcase was judged by Lily Simonson, noted artist and writer. Simonson also juried the current “Art + Science” competition and exhibit in the Tom Thomas Gallery.

This competition and exhibit is held annually and sponsored by Stagg Safety Equipment of Richmond, Ind.

Students whose work was displayed were:
Patrick Allred, Modoc, Ind., “Horse” Charcoal and pastel on panel
Danielle Ames, Richmond, Ind., “Untitled” Charcoal, watercolor, graphite
Brandon Brockman, Fountain City, Ind., “Sually Guster” Watercolor
Ashlee Brown, Bradford, Ohio, “Abby Normal” Ceramic and“Mug #5” Ceramic
Michael J. Clark, Richmond, Ind., “Long Ship” Forged, manipulated copper, wood
Ashley Collins, Richmond, Ind., “Hammy” Manipulated copper, wood
Jon Creech, Centerville, Ind., “Scrap Heap” Manipulated copper
Sarah Duke, Eaton, Ohio, “Sleepy Hollow Lantern” Pierced copper, wood
Lauren Friend, Brownsville, Ind., “Yarn Cat” Clay
Joshua Gard, Richmond, Ind., “Ferris Wheel” Manipulated copper
Sheyenne Grimes, Richmond, Ind., “Studying Trees” Watercolor on paper, wood
Eric Hall, Economy, Ind., “Of her” Graphite and charcoal and “Vase #1” Ceramics
Macy Heaslip, Centerville, Ind., “Bump” Ceramic, “Shoe” Coated wire; and “Untitled” Mixed
Davis Himes, Connersville, Ind., “1st Person Self-Portrait” Graphite, acrylic, watercolor, cranberry juice; “Stress Figure #2” Ceramic and acrylic; and “Untitled” Watercolor, transfer
Liza Hosbrook, Lynn, Ind., “Flowered Beauties” Watercolor, paint, ink; “Just one day in a Diabetic’s Life” Coffee grounds, graphite, ink acrylic, diabetic supplies; “Pea-Cat” Ceramic, acrylic, feathers, monofilament; and “Untitled” Watercolor, acrylic ink, Dura-Lar, varnish
Margaret Leffel, Richmond, Ind., “The First Grandchild” Acrylic and “Majestic Dreams” Acrylic
Sarah Lockhart, Oxford, Ohio, “Twisting Glass” Stoneware
Silus Massoff, Richmond, Ind., “Hallway” Watercolor and graphite, “Hands” Graphite, charcoal, ink, on Dura-Lar paper, and “Things that go bump in the night” Ink, graphite, charcoal
Sarah Miller, Connersville, Ind., “Flowers” Acrylic on panel, “The Siren and the Swan” Acrylic/Ink, and “Tiger Lily” Acrylic/Ink
Karli Plankenhorn, Hagerstown, Ind., “Chair Giraffe” Clay and “Prom Shoe” Wire
Skylee Shaffer, Muncie, Ind., “Geometric Transparency” Graphite, collage, ink and “Serenity in Movement” Watercolor
Elizabeth Taylor, Richmond, Ind., “Singing Fish” Graphite on paper
Megan Templeton, Connersville, Ind., “Corpus Continuum” Ceramic, underglaze, and “The Elevens” Mixed water media
Maya Waller, Richmond, Ind., “Messenger” Watercolor on paper and “Stark Naked” Oil on duck cloth

First Place Winners – $200 each:
Macy Heaslip: “Untitled
Davis Himes: “Stress Figure”

Second Place Winners – $100 each:
Sarah Duke: “Sleepy Hollow Lantern”
Megan Templeton: “The Elevens”

Third  Place Winners – $75 each:
Eric Hall: “Of Her”
Lauren Friend: “Yarn Cat”

Honorable Mention – $50 each
Michael J. Clark: “Long Ship”
Silus Massoff: “Hallway”
Sarah Miller: “Tiger Lily”
Megan Templeton: “Corpus Continuum”
Maya Waller: “Stark Naked”

Students release newest edition of Tributaries
Tributaries, the IU East Journal of Fine Arts, held a party in the Whitewater Hall Community Room to celebrate the release of its 2015-2016 edition on April 25. Attendees included Tributaries editorial staff, contributors, family members, students, and faculty.  Events included a welcome from Tributaries faculty advisor Tanya Perkins, talks by Caleb Warner, 2015-16 Editor-in-Chief, and by 2016-2017 Editor-in-Chief, Stephanie Beckner, on plans for next year’s edition.

Musical contributor Chris Chism provided music for the event. This is the first year that musical contributions have been accepted.

Award-winning contributors were:
Josh Gard, Richmond, Ind., “Dear Neighbor,” Fiction
Sara Baxter, Richmond, Ind., “My Neighbor Mows His Lawn At Night,” and “Texture,” Poetry
Stacy Webb, Eaton, Ohio,“Love in a Chocolate Cake,” Non-Fiction
Susan Day, Liberty, Ind., “Somewhere In Indiana,” Non-Fiction
Rebekah LaVere, Hagerstown, Ind., “Nothing to Do,” Fiction
Coty Barrett, Connersville, Ind., “Philanthropy,” and “Vegetables,” Poetry
Jessica Cox, Indianapolis, Ind., “Ice & Milk,” Non-Fiction
Jenny Dole, Wilkinson, Ind., “Bathsheba,” Fiction
Josh Lykins, Lewisburg, Ohio, “Lovely Dead Girls,” Poetry

Artwork was displayed by Visual Arts Contributors:
Patrick Allred, Modoc, Ind., “Eternity” and “Death Dancing”
Piedad Llerena, Richmond, Ind., “Dinner for Nine” and “Discovering Art”
Elizabeth Miller, Eldorado, Ohio, “Rain Man,” “Bluebird,” and “Fluidity”
Sarah Miller, Connersville, Ind., “Illi Tempus”
Emmie Mazzotti-Dill, Newburgh, Ind., “Elephant”
Macy Heaslip, Centerville, Ohio, “Nature”

Tributaries 2016 Staff:
Caleb Warner, Centerville, Ind.: Editor-in-Chief
Whitney Rivard, Richmond, Ind.: Copy Editor
Lloyd Mullins, Richmond, Ind.: Fiction Editor
Steph Beckner, Richmond, Ind.: Non-Fiction Editor
Kathryn Yohey, Greenville, Ohio: Poetry Editor
Paula Woodlief, Richmond, Ind.: Visual Arts Editor
Lindsey Dirkson, Arcanum, Ohio: Assistant Editor
Danielle Rastbichler, Richmond, Ind.: Assistant Editor
Tanya Perkins, Richmond, Ind.: Faculty Advisor

Tributaries is currently accepting submissions for the 2017 issue.

2016 Sigma Tau Delta Conference 
Twelve members of the IU East chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society attended the organization’s 2016 International Convention in Minneapolis, Minn., from March 2-5.

The IU East Chapter won third place for Outstanding Chapter Displays. The chapter was recognized at the banquet.

The students also attended workshops on Student Leadership, Finding a Home in the Book Industry, Applying to Creative Writing Programs, Scholarship Applications, and Careers for English Majors, as well as enjoying featured speakers authors Charles Baxter, Kao Kalia Yang, and guest presentations by authors Marisa Carr and Micah Hicks and poets Gary Dop and Bao Phi.

“I was highly impressed by our students’ presentations and delighted that they represented Indiana University East so well at an international convention. I look forward to taking students to Louisville for next year’s convention,” Petersheim said.

Students presenting at the conference were:
Shore Crawford, Greenville, Ohio, “In the Millennial Age: Love Without Benefits,” Original Poetry
Coty Barrett, Connersville, Ind., “The Lens of a Generation,” Original Poetry
Rebekah LaVere, Hagerstown, Ind., “Freedom and Oppression in Omelas,” Academic Paper
Caleb Warner, Centerville, Ind., “Thoreau’s Individualism and Ideal Society,” Academic Paper
Tia Weist, Eaton, Ohio, “Misguided Assumption: Race Obvious in Moby Dick?” Academic Paper
Lloyd Mullins, Richmond, Ind., “Huckleberry Finn: Heart of Darkness or Light?” Academic Paper
Westley Smith, Richmond, Ind., “Desert Storm Deployment,” Original Poetry
Kathryn Yohey, Richmond, Ind., “Denver: Identity through Psychic Scars of Slavery,” Academic Paper

Moderating and chairing sessions were:
Lindsay Dirksen, Arcanum, Ohio, chair, session on Tennessee Williams
Assistant Professor of English Steven Petersheim, Richmond, Ind., moderator on “Prose Fiction & Politics around the World”
Westley Smith, Richmond, Ind., chair, “Prose Fiction & Politics around the World”
Tia Wiest, Eaton, Ohio, chair, “Slavery and its Aftermath”

Also attending the conference were:
Jon Ratchford, Richmond, Ind.
Susan Day, Liberty, Ind.

School of Nursing and Health Sciences students share learning experiences from Washington, D.C., New York City, and Belize
Students from the IU East School of Nursing and Health Sciences presented on their experiences on learning immersion trips to Washington D.C., New York City and Belize on April 25 in Whitewater Hall. The immersion trips are offered to students studying Community Health Nursing and Mental Health Nursing, and take the place of clinicals here at home.

On the Washington D.C., and New York City trips, students help in-place organizations with food preparation and distributions, educational presentations, physical and mental health assessments, health care screenings, client interviews, and more.

“This trip is an excellent way to give students the opportunity for cultural diversity and to interact with a population that is not largely represented in their home area,” said Jennifer Bow, SON faculty member who, with fellow  faculty member Curtis Bow, plans, coordinates, and leads the trips.

“This type of learning helps make the student a more well-rounded nurse and helps them think about their patients more holistically,” Bow said.

The Community Health Nursing Belize Practicum took place from March 12-19, in Roaring Creek, Cayo District, Belize. Ten students completed the course. Prior to leaving, the students researched numerous aspects of Belize, including climate languages, customs, government, religious practices, crime, health care system, and political structure, and developed teaching plans to be used during the trip.

The students provided care in the walk-in clinic in the Body and Soul Uriah Compound, where they performed basic physical health assessments, planned and implemented health education and evaluated outcomes for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, skin infections, parasitic infections, malnutrition, and vitamin deficiency for patients of all age ranges, from infants to the elderly. They also treated many children with Vitamin A, essential for immune, eye, and gastrointestinal health.

The IU East students also visited two different primary and secondary schools, where they presented programs on dental care and cavity prevention and eye care and disease prevention. Nursing students gave children new toothbrushes and toothpaste, or new sunglasses.

Students also had the opportunity to visit the village of Armenia, where they distributed 150 pounds of beans and 150 pounds of rice to a varied community of Spanish, Mestizo, Maya, Mopan, and K’ekchi Maya people. They also distributed basic medications and supplies, and administered Vitamin A to many at-risk children.

Another distribution of food, medical supplies and Vitamin A was also made at the Belmopan City dump where several unfortunates reside.
While in Belize, they were also able to compare and contrast community health nursing between Belize, where many patients have poor access to health care and medications, to the average patient in the U.S.

The Washington D.C., and New York City Immersion in Homelessness, Poverty, and Hunger trip began several years ago, with one annual trip and six students. It has since grown to three trips annually, and approximately 50 students; two trips concentrate on mental health nursing, and one on community nursing.

Organizations assisted by IU East nursing students include Christ House, DC Central Kitchen and Food and Friends, and Capitol Hill United Methodist Church Food Outreach, in Washington D.C., and Bowery Mission, Women In Need (WIN), City Harvest, Covenant House, Repack in the Bronx/NYC Food Bank, and NYC Food Bank Stock and Shop in Harlem, in New York City.

In Belize, student housing and meals were provided by Body and Soul Ministries. The Health of the Community Practicum is scheduled to take place again in March 2017.

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