IU East welcomes largest class of Honors Program inductees

IU East welcomes largest class of Honors Program inductees

The Indiana University East Honors Program inducted 66 students, its largest group to date, during the annual Honors Induction and Pinning Ceremony held November 15 in Vivian Auditorium. The Honors Program is an academic program that provides an intellectually enriched curriculum for highly-motivated students.

Alisa Clapp-Itnyre, director of the Honors Program and professor of the Honors First-Year Seminar, officiated. She was helped by Honors Committee members Marcy Jance, assistant professor of business administration, and Mary Folkerth, clinical assistant professor of nursing. Mary Blakefield, interim vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, welcomed the 150 parents and friends.

The keynote speaker was Dean Dorrell, a re-enactor portraying Abe Lincoln, who discussed Antietam, the Emancipation Proclamation and other Civil War 150th anniversary events occurring this fall, also to tie in with the Honors First-Year Seminar’s focus on “Wars and Peace.” Honors student, Lingle Scholar, and piano student Tyler Johnson opened the program with Rachmaninoff’s Variations on a Theme of Paganini.

Those being pinned to recognize their completing three of five Honors courses were:
Marci Reece
Ian Holt
Leigh Ann Ernst
Felicia Chagdes
Emily O’Brien
Kaly Reichter

This year’s Honors Program inductees are:
Kayla Baker, Eaton, Ohio
Summer Baker, Union City, Ind.
Sierra Bass, Brownsville, Ind.
Jody Bottoms, New Paris, Ohio
Jenilee Braun, Greenville, Ohio
Anthony Breitenbach, Connersville, Indiana
Ashlee Brown, Bradford, Ohio
Katelyn Brown, Greenville, Ohio
Emily Butsch, Connersville, Ind.
Lindsay Carpenter, West Manchester, Ohio
Christine Carrera, Richmond, Ind.
Eleanor Casson, Connersville, Ind.
Hannah Clark, Richmond, Ind.
Jordan Coleman, Richmond, Ind.
Jessica Cordell, Richmond, Ind.
Rebecca Dishman, Mooreland, Ind.
Alexis Doughty, Portland, Ind.
Samantha Duckett, Liberty, Ind.
Ryan Edwards, Rushville, Ind.
Hunter Ellington, Dublin, Ind.
Donnie Estes, Richmond, Ind.
Chase Eversole, Connersville, Ind.
Julia Frantz, Union City, Ind.
Kylie Gardner, Portland, Ind.
Rachel Grinstead, Centerville, Ind.
John Grubb, Eaton, Ohio
Allison Gutierrez, Richmond, Ind.
Christopher Halberstadt, Cambridge City, Ind.
Rachelle Hamilton, Connersville, Ind.
Emily Hawn, Eaton, Ohio
Kathryn Hoover, Hagerstown, Ind.
Chanda Hunt, Union City, Ohio
Tyler Johnson, Fountain City, Ind.
Brittany Jones, Richmond, Ind.
Alexa Joyce, Eaton, Ohio
Michael Karns, Greenville, Ohio
Connor Kramer, Richmond, Ind.
Kayla Kyle, New Paris, Ohio
Christina Lankford, Richmond, Ind.
Erika Lemar, Richmond, Ind.
Annaclaire Mahaffey, New Paris, Ohio
Carly Manis, Richmond, Ind.
McKenna Marshall, Eaton, Ohio
Jamie Melton, New Lisbon, Ohio
Spencer Milligan, Connersville, Ind.
Casey Mowen, Eaton, Ohio
Bridgette Moystner, Winchester, Ind.
Maria Nakis, New Paris, Ohio
Sara Newton, Cambridge City, Ind.
Adam Obringer, Lewisburg, Ohio
Jade Owens, Lynn, Ind.
Alyshia Parks, Lewisburg, Ohio
Danielle Peckinpaugh, Cambridge City, Ind.
Hope Peer, Fountain City, Ind.
Samantha Roberts, Brookville, Ind.
Rebecca Schuck, Centerville, Ind.
Rachel Sexton, Greensburg, Ind.
Morgan Sparks, Brownsville, Ind.
Shelby Stokes, Elwood, Ind.
Misty Stroh, Centerville, Ind.
Ethan Taulbee, Camden, Ohio
Michael Teufel, Richmond, Ind.
Kelsi Thompson, Richmond, Ind.
Brooke Tipton, Camden, Ohio
Katherine Wooten, Brookville, Ind.
Ivette Zuniga, Richmond, Ind.

For more information, visit the Honors Program online at iue.edu/honors.

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