New scholarships offered at IU East to enhance service-learning, science research

New scholarships offered at IU East to enhance service-learning, science research

The generosity of three donors has made it possible to offer new scholarships for students at Indiana University East.  Paul Kriese, professor of political science at IU East, and Rod and Chris Weiss will support the two new scholarships.

The Paul Kriese Graduate Scholarship for Service Engagement at IU East was developed to create an experiential learning program that promotes active citizenship and allows students to develop a deeper understanding of community issues. It will foster connections between IU East students and members of the communities served by the university, both regionally and online, and will create mutually beneficial opportunities for service-learners to engage in meaningful community service activities with local organizations.

Kriese’s gift will be used to support graduate scholarships for students who are preparing for professional careers in which they will engage in service to their communities. Each year a student will be chosen and will also serve as a student coordinator in the Center for Service-Learning at IU East.  The development of this scholarship will allow the Center for Service-Learning to accommodate more service-learning requests from the community and the additional students needed to provide these services.

The Weiss Family Scholarship was created by Rod and Chris Weiss to support two $1,500 undergraduate scholarships each academic year for students in the School of Natural Science and Mathematics degree program. Rod Weiss is a local business owner and Chris Weiss is a teacher for Richmond Community Schools. These scholarships are incredibly relevant with the national push to encourage students to consider the STEM disciplines (studies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) when enrolling in higher education programs.

“We believe in higher education and understand that it can be hard for some students to have the means to finance it, so that they can achieve their degree in the field that they are studying,” Rod Weiss said. “Also, this is an example for our two sons that we should give back in some form so that we all can achieve our dreams in life. By making these kinds of gifts, we better ourselves, our community, our state and our country.”

“The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is thrilled by the establishment of the Weiss Family Scholarship,” said Dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Neil Sabine. “The recipients will receive valuable research experience that provides a sound foundation for future employment. The scholarship also reduces the financial stresses encountered when obtaining a college degree. This assists the student to graduate on time with excellent grades.”

Scholarships are a critical piece in the puzzle of college accessibility for students. IU East is dedicated to providing high quality higher education at an affordable cost. Gifts such as these further the ability for the students in the region to have access to a college degree and improve their future potential for employment and earnings.

For more information about establishing a scholarship, contact Stephanie Hays-Mussoni, director of Gift Development at IU East, at (765) 973-8331 or email

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