Where technology meets tradition, continuing record enrollments at IU East reflect shifting patterns of education

Where technology meets tradition, continuing record enrollments at IU East reflect shifting patterns of education

Indiana University East continues to increase its record enrollment in both the number of students enrolled on campus and the number enrolled through its online degree completion programs. Compared to spring 2012, IU East has increased its enrollment by 15.7 percent (3,872 headcount). Students will take 6.3 percent more credit hours this spring semester compared to spring 2012, a total of 35,400 credit hours.

This is the 15th consecutive semester (including summer sessions), or fifth year, that the campus has increased its enrollment, an unprecedented trend that began in 2007. According to census figures released January 22, IU East again experienced the highest rate of enrollment growth of all Indiana University campuses.

The enrollment increase is attributed to IU East’s appeal to traditional students, as well as to its online degree completion programs that reach students across the state of Indiana, nationally and internationally.

Earlier this year, U.S. News & World Report ranked IU East as the 56th most connected four-year campus in the United States, the highest among all Indiana institutions based on internet speed, internet access, applications, and resources. The report measures schools’ effectiveness in providing online services, including online courses, student technology and social networking.

Interim Chancellor Larry Richards said IU East’s 15 straight terms of record enrollment continue as its online programs grow.

“While IU East remains a traditional four-year and graduate institution in Richmond, many students are taking advantage of its off-campus and online course offerings. With programs in Connersville, New Castle, Lawrenceburg and Madison, IU East truly serves a wide geographic region,” Richards said.

IU East had students in 36 states and nine foreign countries this past fall, each student seeking an Indiana University bachelor’s degree through IU East online programs. Richards said that, unlike other online institutions, the faculty members at IU East develop and deliver the courses, and interaction with students throughout a course is given top priority.

“The blending of technology with a traditional college experience benefits both the students who attend in Richmond and the off-campus sites and those who attend virtually. It is a win-win and a model for other traditional four-year and graduate colleges and universities around the country,” Richards said.

Enrollment numbers are not final until officially approved by the President of Indiana University.

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