Natural Science & Mathematics

Math Placement

All new students should plan to take the COMPASS placement exam in mathematics through the Office of Admissions for placement purposes prior to registration. The COMPASS score is generally used to place students in the math course appropriate for their level of skill. Students who score below a minimum level are counseled and directed to appropriate sources of help.

Math Mentoring Program

A variety of math assistance is available through the Math Center at Indiana University East. This includes FREE math mentoring for all students enrolled in math courses here at IU East. Schedules are distributed the first week of class by the instructor. The Math Center is located in Springwood Hall, Room 202 F. The mentoring schedule offers a wide variety of hours including day and evening sessions, Online mentoring and the Math Hotline. Monday through Friday.

In addition to mentoring, other services are offered such as practice exams, practice quizzes, worksheets, computer assisted instruction, video tapes, and the Math Hotline at 765-973-8506. If you have any questions concerning the Math Center, please contact Neena Wilson at 765-973-8368.

Math Bridge Program

A new Math Bridge short course introduction to MATH-M 123 (College Algebra) is now also available. The purpose of the IU East Math Bridge Program is to provide IU East students a means to review elementary algebra skills before entering MATH-M 123/L 123.  The program is a review of algebra skills, is not-for-credit, utilizes MyMathTest (cost of $10).

Target Student Population:

This program is designed for those IU East students with algebra skills, but who need to review them before entering College Algebra, MATH-M 123.  For example, a student may have had algebra in high school but pursued other interests for a few years before enrolling at IU East. 

For further information about the Math Bridge Program, please contact
Neena Wilson or phone 765-973-8368

Graphing Calculators

There may be some sections of MATH-M 123, M 125 and M 126 which require students to have a graphing calculator. When a graphing calculator is required, a special note to that effect is included next to the applicable sections in the class schedule.

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