The School of Natural Science and Mathematics offers courses in Biochemistry for students pursuing degrees in biology, biotechnology, biochemistry and biophysics, informatics, or instruction for pre-professional programs in medicine, engineering, dentistry, optometry, chemistry and pharmacy. Students can also take courses in preparation for other degrees in science or mathematics and related employment in areas such as natural resources management, public health, quality control, environmental assessment, urban planning, and municipal water treatment.

Indiana University East offers a BA in Biochemistry with six principal courses in the field of biochemistry and organic chemistry:

  • General Organic Biochemistry (CHEM-C 108)
    (Offered annually)
  • Organic Chemistry Lectures I and lab (CHEM-C 341 / C 343)
    (Offered Fall semesters)
  • Organic Chemistry Lectures II and lab (CHEM-C 342 / C 344)
    (Offered Spring semesters)
  • Biological Chemistry (CHEM-C 483)
    (Offered alternate spring semesters)

In addition, students may pursue directed study of topics in biochemistry and organic chemistry in Special Topics in Chemistry (CHEM-C 390) as well as directed Individual Study (CHEM-C 490). with instructor approval.

AA in a faculty research laboratory
  • A Biochemistry research laboratory in Whitewater Hall, in the School of Natural Science and Mathematics at Indiana University East.

Biochemistry courses offered at Indiana University East support baccalaureate (4 year) degrees in Biochemistry (BA), Biology (BS), Biotechnology (BS) and in Natural Science and Mathematics (BA), with concentration in Biology, Mathematics or Interdisciplinary Studies. Biochemistry courses may also be applied toward the School of Natural Science and Mathematics Minor in Chemistry or Minor in Biophysics (new in Fall of 2009), and Certificate in Laboratory Science, which may be completed alone or in conjunction with any degree program.

For further information please contact our Chemistry Coordinator, Dr. Parul Khurana, or phone 765-973-8409.

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