B.S. in Biology (120 credit hours)

The Bachelor of Science in Biology provides you with a background in biological sciences in order to prepare you for advanced study or for employment. The degree program will prepare you for further study beyond the baccalaureate (such as graduate school, medicine, dentistry, veterinary, pharmacy, and allied health professions).

General Education (30)

Composition & Communication (9)

  • ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition I (3)
  • SPCH-S 121 Public Speaking (3)
  • Choose one additional college level composition:

College-level Mathematics (3)

Natural Science & Mathematics (5-6)

  • Courses in the degree program will satisfy this distribution requirement.

Humanities & Fine Arts (6)

  • Choose six credits from the General Education Core List
  • May include one studio course
  • Must include at least 2 disciplines

Behavioral & Social Sciences (6)

  • Choose six credits from the General Education Core List
  • Must include at least 2 disciplines

Additional Requirements (3-5)

First-Year Seminar (2)

  • UCOL-U 101 First Year Seminar (2 cr)
  • HON-H 100 Freshman Honors Seminar
    A passing grade is required in the First Year Seminar course. This course is mandatory for all beginning freshmen and for transfer students with less than 12 credit hours of transferring coursework. This course must be taken in the first semester after admission to Indiana University East.

Information Literacy (3)

  • COAS-Q 110/I 103 Information Literacy (3 cr)

Degree Requirements (78)

Natural Science & Mathematics Requirements (38)

Biology Requirements (25-29)

*Students may test out of this course, but will not be awarded credit.

Biology Electives (11-15)

Choose additional Biology courses at 200 level or above to complete this 40 credit hour requirement.

Electives (7-9)

Choose additional courses to total 120 credits if needed after completing all other requirements.

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