Certificate in Laboratory Science

The Certificate in Laboratory Science outlines a focused path of training for currently enrolled students and allows others with an interest in laboratory careers to acquire the needed skills with or without completing a degree. It is a faster way to obtain laboratory skills than traditional degree programs. Students are trained in proper laboratory procedure, including safety, and use of specialized instruments, and may find employment opportunities in forensics, environmental compliance, quality control, and research laboratories.

Students seeking a Certificate in Laboratory Science will complete a sequence of biology and chemistry courses including general and organic chemistry and cellular biology. The certificate courses emphasize laboratory work and train students in basic laboratory methods and safety regulations, and the use, application and care of many different pieces of laboratory equipment.

Some courses require pre-requisites.

Course Requirements (20 cr)

Required Courses (12-14)

Elective Courses (6-8)

(Most of the required and elective courses have prerequisites.)

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