Plant Sciences

Indiana University East offers two principal courses within the field of Plant Sciences:

In addition, students might pursue supervised research in the plant sciences through the Biology Department in Individual Study (BIOL-L 490). following consultation with, and written approval by, the faculty member supervising the research.

Introduction to the Plant Kingdom (BIOL-B 301) is currently offered Spring semesters and Summer Flowering Plants (BIOL-B 364). is currently offered occasionally.   Individual Study (BIOL-L 490) is  offered periodically with faculty approval.  (Students must consult with a faculty research supervisor before enrolling.)

Courses in plant science may be applied toward a baccalaureate (4 year) degree in biology and interdisciplinary programs, as well as toward completion of the certificate in laboratory science offered through the Natural Science and Mathematics Division.

For further information please contact our Biology Coordinator, Dr. Neil Sabine, or phone 765-973-8389.

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