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The School of Natural Science and Mathematics offers courses in Biotechnology for students pursuing the (4 year) baccalaureate degree in Biotechnology (BS). Students studying for pre-professional programs in medicine, bioengineering, dentistry, optometry, chemistry, veterinary science and pharmacy may also be interested in taking courses in Biotechnology. Students can also take courses in Biotechnology in support of other degrees in science or mathematics or in preparation for employment in related areas such as informatics, genetic engineering, health science, food science, environmental assessment, and agriculture.

Biotechnology research laboratory.
  • A Biotechnology research laboratory in Whitewater Hall, in the School of Natural Science and Mathematics at Indiana University East.

Courses are offered in Introduction to Biotechnology (BIOL T101), Basic Laboratory Techniques (BIOL T105), Bioinformatics (BIOL T201) and Advanced Biotechnology Laboratory (BIOL T305). Additional courses in biotechnology are planned in the future. Degree requirements include available courses in biology, chemistry and physics.

The Biotechnology courses listed above, except for Bioinformatics, are required for the (4 year) baccalaureate degree in Biotechnology (BS) offered through the School of Natural Science and Mathematics. Students completing Bioinformatics (BIOL T201) may be elegible for the baccalaureate degree in Informatics (BS), with Cognate Area in Bioinformatics, which will be offered beginning in Fall of 2009.

For further information about the baccalaureate degree program in biotechnology, please contact our Biotechnology Coordinator, Dr. Kimberly Greer or phone 765-973-8445

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