Learn your ABC's (Atoms, Bonds, Compounds)

The School of Natural Science and Mathematics offers courses in chemistry for students pursuing degrees or instruction in professional programs such as chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, biology, biotechnology, medicine, dentistry, optometry, and pharmacy. Students can also take chemistry courses in preparation for other degrees in science or mathematics and related employment in areas such as bioinformatics, natural resources management, public health, quality control, environmental assessment, urban planning, and municipal water treatment.

Chemistry courses offered within the School of Natural Science and Mathematics include principles of chemistry, organic biochemistry, experimental and environmental chemistry, biological chemistry and nutrition. Also available periodically is a 'Topics in Chemistry' course, (CHEM-C 390) in which students may investigate, for example, protein purification or chemical technology. Interested students may want to pursue studies toward the BA degree in Biochemistry.

Students are also encouraged to apply their knowledge of chemistry in areas outside the classroom. Opportunities exist to explore topics beyond the normal chemistry curriculum through directed Individual Study (CHEM-C 490).

The School of Natural Science and Mathematics at Indiana University East offers courses supporting baccalaureate (4 year) degree programs in Biochemistry (BA), Biology (BS) and Biotechnology (BS) and in Natural Science and Mathematics (BA), with concentrations in Biology, Mathematics or Interdisciplinary Studies. Chemistry courses may also be applied toward the School of Natural Science and Mathematics Minor in Chemistry or Minor in Biophysics programs, as well as toward the Certificate in Laboratory Science, which may be completed alone or in conjunction with any degree program.

For further information please contact Dr. Hitesh Kathuria, or phone 765-973-8247.

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