Courses in Earth Sciences

GEOL-G108 Selected Earth Science Topics (3 cr)

Selected topics of general interest in earth science. Open to all majors.

VT: Indiana Geology

Offered periodically.

  • Prerequisite: None

GEOL-G111 Physical Geology (3 cr)

Basic concepts of geology. Formation of rocks, erosion and landscape evolution, plate tectonics, and interpretation of earth processes from geological data. Lab fee required.

Offered fall, spring, and summer semesters.

GEOL-G112 Historical Geology (3 cr)

Continuation of GEOL-G111. Principles of interpreting earth history from geological data. Geologic time, biological evolution, plate tectonics, and ancient environments. Lab fee required.

Offered periodically.

Prerequisite: GEOL-G111

GEOL-G210 Oceanography (3 cr)

Introduction to the study of the oceans and marine processes. Emphasis on morphology of the ocean floor, life in the ocean, oceanic circulation, and submarine geology.

Offered periodically, spring semester.

  • Prerequisite: One college level science course or permission of instructor

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