The School of Natural Science and Mathematics at Indiana University East currently offers four courses in the field of Geology, within the area of Earth Sciences:

  • Physical Geology (GEOL G111) (offered annually)
  • Historical Geology (GEOL G 112) (offered periodically)
  • Oceanography (GEOL G210) (offered periodically)
  • Earth Science for Teachers (GEOL Q203) (fall semesters)

In addition, students may take Directed Study in Earth Science (G 113) for a variable number of credit hours (1 - 3), a course principally designed for students interested in pursuing careers in elementary education and who may already have completed some of the topics covered in Earth Sciences for Teachers (GEOL Q203).

Directed Study in Earth Science (G 113) is offered Fall semesters concurrently with Earth Sciences for Teachers (GEOL Q203). 

Courses in geology may also be applied toward a Minor in Environmental Studies which may be completed in conjunction with any degree program. (See Biology programs page for further information.)

For further information please contact our Earth Sciences Coordinator,
Peggy Branstrator, or phone 765-973-8357

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