The Math & Science Resource Center uses many tools to help students learn, including:

Online Assistance (M123, M110, and Select Science Courses)

By using our online service, students can submit questions to a live mentor. Please contact Neena Wilson at to arrange online assistance with a Math or Science mentor.

Math Hotline

Students who need assistance while working on math problems at home are invited to call the math hotline (765-973-8432) any time during scheduled Math & Science Resource Center hours.


Students can check out math instructional videos from the Math & Science Resource Center for up to one week. The videos explain key concepts and show how to work problems.

Worksheets and Texts

The Math & Science Resource Center contains dozens of handouts and worksheets indexed according to textbook sections. Many handouts give step-by-step instructions for solving a particular type of problem as well as examples and practice problems. Students are welcome to review a handout with a mentor and then take the handout home for future reference. In addition, the Math & Science Resource Center contains many alternative texts for student use while in the Center.

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