Natural Science & Mathematics

Minor in Neuroscience

(Effective Spring 2017)

The Minor in Neuroscience is a collaborative, interdisciplinary program that addresses the basics of neuroscience with emphasis on biology and psychology.  With a significant rise in the number of graduate schools offering neuroscience programs, this minor will provide students with a strong and broad background.  This will also offer the opportunity for students to pursue advanced degrees in areas relating to neurosicence (e.g. - Neurobiology, Neuropsychology, Neuropharmacology, Drug Rehabilitation, Neurophysiology, Psychiatry) or in professional schools.  This minor will be jointly offered by the School of Natural Science and Mathematics (NSM) and School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) in order to meet this student demand.

Course Requirements (20 Credit Hours)

NSM Courses (11 credit hours)

  • PHSL-P 215 Basic Human Physiology or PHSL-P 201 General Physiology I Lecture and Lab (5 credit hours)*
  • BIOL-L 344 Biology of Addictions (3 credit hours)*
  • BIOL-N 120 Topics in Biology (3 credit hours) VT: Biology of Mental Illness

HSS Courses (9 credit hours)

  • PSY-P 326 Behavioral Neuroscience (3 credit hours)*
  • PSY-P 211 Method of Experimental Psychology (3 credit hours)*
  • PSY-P 324 Abnormal Psychology (3 credit hours)*

*Courses may have a prerequisite.  Please contact your academic advisor for more details.

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