Courses in Physics


AST-A 100 The Solar System (3)

Celestial sphere and constellations, measurement of time, astronomical instruments, earth as a planet, moon, eclipses, planets and their satellites, comets, meteors, theories of origin of solar system.

  • Offered fall semesters, evening only.

AST-A 105 Stellar Astronomy (3)

The sun as a star, physical properties of stars, principles of spectroscopy as applied to astronomy, double stars, variable stars, star clusters, gaseous nebulae, stellar motions, and distribution. Milky Way system, external galaxies, expanding universe, cosmic time scale.

  • Offered spring semesters, evening only.
  • Suggested Prerequisite: A100


PHYS-P 104 Conceptual Physical Science (3)

Introduces the fundamental concepts and principles of physical science (physics and chemistry), with limited use of algebra. Topics include motion, light, electricity, magnetism, states of matter, energy and chemical reactions.  Intended for non-science majors and elementary education majors. Lab fee required.  (Cross-lists with Physics Q202.) This course is equivalent to Q 202 but open to all non-science majors, as well as elementary education majors.

  • Recommended pre- or co-requisite: High school Algebra
  • Prerequisite: EDUC-Q200.
  • Offered fall and spring semesters.

PHYS-P 110 Energy (2)

Basic concepts and issues related to energy production and consumption in everyday life.  Credit not given for those with credit for PHYS-P 120.

  • Prerequisite: MATH-H 111 (or equivalent or above)
  • Offered: Periodically

PHYS- P 120 Energy and Technology (3)

Basic concepts and issues related to energy production, consumption and conservation both as individuals and as society as a whole.  Credit not given concurrently for P110 and P120.

  • Offered periodically in summer sessions.

PHYS-P 125 Energy and the 21st Century (3)

Examination of how physical science applies to our present sources and uses of energy, our alternatives to fossil fuels, and how to plan for long-term future energy needs.

  • Offered periodically in summer semesters.

PHYS-P 201 General Physics I (5)

Newtonian mechanics, wave motion, heat, and thermodynamics. Application of physical principles to related scientific disciplines including life sciences.

  • Offered fall and summer semesters. (Honors option available)
  • Prerequisite: M125, M126, or equivalent
  • Lab fee required.

PHYS-P 202 General Physics II (5)

Electricity and magnetism, geometrical and physical optics, introduction to concepts of relativity, quantum theory, and atomic and nuclear physics.  Application of physical principles to related scientific disciplines including life sciences.  

  • Prerequisite:  P201
  • Offered fall and spring semesters. (Honors option available)
  • Lab fee required.

PHYS-Q 202 Physical Science: Elementary Teachers (3)

Part of an integrated sequence of science courses for elementary education majors. Introduction to physical science including such topics as motion, light, electricity, magnetism, states of matter, energy, and chemical reactions.  Not distribution satisfying.

  • Offered summer semesters, periodically
  • Prerequisite: EDUC-Q200
  • Lab fee required.

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