Minor in Biophysics

The Minor in Biophysics covers a comprehensive understanding of the major areas of biology and physics, practice in laboratory methods and critical thinking skills, and knowledge about areas where biology and physics are likely to affect your everyday life.

The Minor in Biophysics requires 24 credit hours of course work; at least 10 credit hours must be completed on the IU East campus. All courses for the minor must be completed with a grade of C or better. Successful completion of L107 Biological ConceptsI is required before enrolling in the required core biology courses. Also, successful completion of the General Physics sequence, Physics P201 and P202 is required before enrolling in the physics core courses.

Prerequisites (15 cr)
  • BIOL-L 107 (5 cr) Biological Concepts
  • PHYS-P 201 (5 cr) General Physics 1*
  • PHYS-P 202 (5 cr) General Physics 2**
    *Math M125 (3 cr) and M126 (2 cr), or equivalent, are prerequisites.
    **Physics P201, or equivalent, is the prerequisite for P202.

Course Requirements (24 cr)

Required Core Courses (9)
Biophysics, Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry Electives (15)

At the 200 level or above, totaling 15 credit hours, including;

  • At least three courses in biophysics, biology or biochemistry.