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Student Spotlight: Kara Street

Kara Street

In their book Online Nation: Five Years of Growth in Online Learning, Dr. I. Elaine Allen and Dr. Jeff Seaman found that almost 3.5 million students were taking at least one online course in the fall of 2006. Not only has this number continued to grow but, in 2017, many students are completing entire degree programs online. Indiana University East currently has 14 online degree completion programs that are being completed by students from all over the world. Kara Street of Vincennes, Indiana is a graduate of one of these programs.

In December of 2016, Kara Street completed the online Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics program. Kara liked the freedom and flexibility that the program offered. Because all of her courses were online, she could tailor the course to her schedule and complete her coursework on her own time, often late at night after she got her son to bed. Kara occasionally faced difficulties because she was unable to visit her professors in person to get extra help; but since they were all good about returning her e-mails, these difficulties were easily overcome. Some of the professors, such as Dr. Karki, even offered discussion sessions online which Kara found to be especially helpful.

Since graduation, Kara has been teaching dual-credit math courses in College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus at South Knox High School through Vincennes University. The rigorous math courses that Kara took for her degree gave her a better understanding of all these topics, especially Calculus, and equipped her with the ability to better explain them to her students. According to Kara, completing her Master’s degree would have been impossible if IU East had not offered the degree online. Kara works full time and has children, so attending classes on campus would have been impossible. She is very grateful for the IU East online program!

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