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Student Spotlight: Dillon Hilderbrand

Dillon Hilderbrand

Educator William A. Ward once said that, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” These great teachers are the people who inflame our imaginations and give us the tools that we need to succeed after we leave their classrooms. To Dillon Hilderbrand, the science faculty at IU East fit this definition.

After Dillon graduated from IU East in May with a double major in Biology and Biochemistry, he was offered a position with Covance, a global biopharmaceutical contract research organization. He is a research assistant in the BioAssay division of Covance’s Biopharmaceutical CMC Solutions department. He and his team execute the necessary testing on new pharmaceutical products to ensure their efficacy and safety for the company’s biopharmaceutical clients. Dillon’s primary responsibilities on the team is to execute the cell cultures required to keep the tests on schedule and to run the bioassays that Covance’s clients need for their products to move through the development process. The work that he and his team does for their clients is what hopefully leads to FDA approval of the products being tested.

Dillon believes that his time spent at IU East was great preparation for his career in the biopharmaceutical industry and credits the science faculty here for much of his success after graduation. The rigorous coursework that his science professors assigned him gave him a solid background in lab work and prepared him for the things that he is now facing in the industry. He also says that the science faculty’s “dedication and time spent in the classroom laid a great foundation for how to think critically as well as how to be a good learner and listener when faced with new challenges”. It is no surprise that his favorite memory of IU East is the great relationships that he developed with both the faculty and his peers. In his own words, “I made amazing friends during my time at IUE and often think back to the great times we had studying and working together both inside and outside of the classroom.”

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