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Student Spotlight: Trisha Renner

Trisha RennerInvestment is a word not just used for economics or finances. Trisha will tell you that investment into your education can send you a "wonderful opportunity…"

Working in the Math Lab between classes was a way to keep Trisha’s math skills sharp and practice for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) needed for entrance into physical therapy school.  This on-campus job was the beginning of networking with the Natural Science and Mathematics (NSM) faculty and school that would later lead to being a part time adjunct instructor and course assistant with IU East.  Trisha worked as a course assistant for Dr. Joan Lafuze and was able to assist with courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, the Biology of Addictions and the Biology of Mental Illness. Trisha’s fondness for gross anatomy continued to grow and was later cultivated into a love of how the human body functions, moves and heals. Dr. Lafuze mentored Trisha, one on one, investing time and interest in Trisha as a person, and helped arrange for Trisha to observe a pediatric physical therapist. The faculty of the NSM department have played an intricate role in shaping Trisha into a physical therapist and an online course instructor and assistant. 

What does Trisha say about her work at IU East?  "An education from IU East provided me with the skills to be successful in graduate school in order to become a pediatric physical therapist. Through the investment of IU East faculty and my continued education, I have been given a wonderful opportunity to work with current students as an online course instructor and assistant."  That along with the small class sizes and her availability allowed for continued investment in Trisha’s dream of becoming a physical therapist.

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