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Student Spotlight: Todd Titus

Todd Titus

Ownership is very important. New products are being created all the time, and the creators of these products, whether they be inventors, writers, scientists, musicians, or filmmakers, want to protect their products from those who might steal them for their own purposes. Lawyers help these creators protect their work by helping them obtain a patent for it. Because intellectual property covers a vast variety of products, lawyers will often focus on a specific portion of patent law. IU East graduate Todd Titus is hoping to be one such lawyer.

After graduating with a B.S. in Biochemistry and a minor in Biophysics in May 2017, Todd moved to Columbus, Ohio to enter Capital University Law School. He is planning to graduate in May of 2020 with his Juris Doctorate. Todd is planning on using his doctorate to become a patent attorney for biochemical and biophysical products.

Todd’s undergraduate studies at IU East has prepared him for law school in a variety of ways. His studies challenged him, taught him how to properly study, and prepared him for research memorandums at law school. The research software that Todd used in his classes at IU East were so similar to those used at law school that he did not have to have a learning curve for his research class at Capital University. While at IU East, Todd also took an internship class that helped him get in contact with several lawyers and gave him the opportunity to witness the environment and life of a lawyer.

Todd had many great experiences at IU East, but the memory that stands out to him the most is the time that he and a small group of Physics classmates played stickball on campus. They had a stress ball and a stick that they used for a bat, and they played for a couple of hours, using trees and a flagpole as bases. It was a spontaneous day and one of the best days that Todd had on campus. To Todd, that thing that makes IU East a great place is that, “The friendships and bonds you make there mean a lot more because of the small college experience. Everyone knows everyone which means that you have the opportunity to be friends with everyone you meet.”

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