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Student Spotlight: Katelyn Brown

Katelyn Brown

American psychologist John Dewey once said that, “Education is not the preparation for life; education is life itself.” While academic learning is important and will help you succeed, the lessons learned from participating in social activities are just if not more important to success after graduation. At IU East, Katelyn Brown was able to learn from both.

According to Katelyn, IU East gave her much more than an academic/classroom experience. During her time here, she was given the opportunity to study abroad, participate in many different activities on and off campus, and hold a variety of leadership positions. She was a Supplemental Instruction leader for general and organic chemistry, 1st and 2nd year Spanish, and physics; president of the World Languages and Cultures Club; treasurer of the Service-Learning Club; and an SGA student representative. These positions pushed Katelyn's creativity and taught her how to work with all sorts of different people as she created, planned, and followed through with different events.

After graduating in May with a BS in Biochemistry, Katelyn started studying to become a dentist and signed up for a class that will allow her to earn a BA in Spanish. Dental school has been “interesting and full of challenges” for her. She and her classmates started their training in July and where “thrown into the deep end when it comes to workload, adjusting to graduate school, and dealing with a human cadaver lab”. They are now focusing on teeth which Katelyn describes as “incredible”.

Katelyn believes that the leadership positions that she held and the social experiences that she participated in at IU East have allowed her to develop the skills necessary for her to become an effective dentist. Although she is just an aspiring dentist at the moment, she knows that once she graduates, she will be leading her own team of hygienists, assistants, and staff. This will require her to be an effective leader, and IU East has taught her how to be one.

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