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Student Spotlight: Codie Kirby

Codie Kirby

If you ask Codie about “paths” in life, she’s got some pretty good ideas about how one path can lead to another.

Her first year of chemistry at IU East sparked an interest in pursuing a career in medicine and research. She began working with chemistry lecturer, Errol Huffman, in the classroom and with assistant professor, Hitesh Kathuria, in the lab. Classroom experiences with Huffman enabled her to appreciate conversation that revolved around chemistry and science in general. And lab experiences with Kathuria helped give her the courage to go into the medical/research field by getting hands-on experience. Those teachable moments helped Codie realize that putting forth effort in natural science and mathematics would lead her toward the type of career that would bring her satisfaction.

What has Codie learned along the way? “Don’t wait until after you earn a degree to find a job, and don’t expect a job to find you just because you have a degree. Set yourself apart from the crowd and start your life while you’re in college,” Codie said. “There are opportunities to work in the lab and in the math center. Take advantage of what IU East has to offer.”

After all, it’s these types of moments that will lead you down YOUR path.