M.S. in Nursing

MSN Curriculum Overview

The MSN is 39 credit hours in length with two tracks to choose from: Nursing Education or Nursing Administration. Students will begin their study with classroom- based didactic courses, building the theoretical and contextual background necessary for advanced nursing practice. They will progress to track specific courses in either education or administration. They will conclude with a culminating project/nursing study.

Nursing Education Curriculum (39 cr)

Core courses (18 cr)
Nursing Education (15 cr)
Culminating Experience (6 cr)

Nursing Administration Curriculum (39 cr)

Core courses (18 cr)
Nursing Administration (15 cr)
  • NURS-L 530 Legal Environment of Health Care
  • NURS-L 574 Administrative Management in Nursing
  • NURS-L 671 Financial Management
  • NURS-N 504 Leadership for Advanced Practice Nursing
  • 1 3 credit hour Elective
Culminating Experience (6 credits) Credits