Positive by Paige Rawl

This year's OneBook is Positive by Paige Rawl. She will be joining us on campus on October 27th, 2015 at 7pm in Vivian Auditorium to discuss her experiences with bullying and her life with HIV. Get your tickets at - only a limited number available!


Date/Time Description Location
9:30-10:15 am
Student Informal Q&A with Paige Rawl Hayes Hall 254
11:30-12:30 pm
Student Lunch and Learn with Paige Rawl (rsvp required: Whitewater Hall, Community Room
2-3 pm
Health Presentation and Q&A with Paige Rawl (all welcome; please rsvp: Whitewater Hall, Vivian Auditorium
7-8 pm
Keynote Presentation by Paige Rawl
Live web stream available!
Whitewater Hall, Vivian Auditorium (only 300 seats available!)
8-9 pm
Book signing with Paige Rawl Whitewater Hall Lobby


We've developed a comprehensive guide to Positive, including videos, resources for those affected by bullying or HIV, discussion questions, etc... Visit and for information, reading guides, updates and more.

Your Stories

"In third grade, they threw out my shoes. In fifth grade, they threw out my retainer. While in class, they grabbed my crayons and stepped on them so I couldn't use them. In seventh grade, they beat me up. None of the schools I attended would do much to help, and even my doctor said I was simply being "antisocial". In eighth grade, the teacher ridiculed me for not hanging out with other kids. In ninth grade, I first thought about suicide and began making plans. By the end of that year, though, I learned that they - every single they - would always try to bully me no matter what happened in my life. And surprisingly, they finally left me alone. I wish I had a better explanation about what happened, why they stopped. Maybe they graduated. Maybe we finally got too old for that crap. Maybe it was because I finally made a friend, after years of not having one. I don't know. But the difference between being bullied and not being bullied is AMAZING."


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