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Meet Jerrell Spotwood

New Jersey native Jerrell Spotwood spent months researching distance education. Jerrell had completed an associate degree, but wished to earn a bachelor’s degree and acquire the skills to work in television and screenwriting.

After investigating nearly 50 universities, Jerrell chose IU East.

“I was looking for a traditional, reputable university that offered upper level com­munication courses at a distance,” Jer­rell said. “I learned that the [IU East] courses consisted of online lectures, group assignments and forums which assured me that I would not miss out on a quality education, but that I would be interacting with classmates and profes­sors via the Web.”

As an online student, Jerrell said he found the courses challenging and enlightening.

“A significant misunderstanding of online learning from people who haven’t done it is that it’s easy. It’s a great experience; the only difference is that you are physi­cally not on campus. Students will find themselves maturing after every assign­ment just as I did.”

Even though Jerrell was a virtual stu­dent at IU East, he wanted to visit the campus in person. “I had professors who challenged me and an academic advisor who helped me grow personally and academically. Therefore, I had a sense of obligation to meet and thank the faculty of IU East,” Jerrell said.

“The most memorable part of my first visit was actually arriving on campus and seeing all of the IU East banners hanging along the entrance to campus. I thought: wow, this is it, I’m here! I will never forget the hospitality of Hoosiers.”

Jerrell had one more memorable visit in store: participating in the IU East Commencement Ceremony to receive his Indiana University bachelor’s degree.

“It was incredible,” Jerrell said. “I feel that my IU East education helped to point me in the right direction in life and without it, I would still be searching for a way.”