Degrees & Programs

B.S. in Communication Studies General Education Prerequisites

General Education

Written Communication Competency (6 cr)
  • Choose one college level composition course:
    • ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition I
    • ENG-H 140  Advanced Freshman Composition
  • Choose one second college level composition course:
Speaking and Listening Competency (3 cr)
Quantitative Reasoning Competency (3-4 cr)
Natural Sciences Competency (5-6 cr)
Humanistic Artistic Competency (6)
Social-Behavioral Competency (6 cr)

Program Requirements

Information Literacy (3)

CSCI-A 110 Introduction to Computers & Computing (or equivalent)

World Languages & Cultures (0-14)

This requirement may be met by our World Language courses in one of the following ways:

  • Four courses in sequence in a single non-English language
  • Three non-English language courses (with at least two in sequence) and one culture course taught in English
  • Two courses in sequence in two different non-English languages (totaling 4 courses)
  • Two courses in sequence in one non-English language and two culture courses taught in English.