General Education and Program Prerequisites

Students should have completed a significant portion (if not all) of the general education and program prerequisites before beginning the online degree completion program. However, a student may elect to pursue the program even if all of these have not been completed. A customized plan of study will be developed for the student to complete these courses if not previously completed.

General Education Requirements (39 cr.)

These are general requirements set forth by the IU East School of Business & Economics. It is recommended these are met before beginning the Online Degree Completion.

Composition and Communication (9 cr.)

College Level Mathematics (3 cr.)

Natural Science & Mathematics (9 cr.)

Humanities & Fine Arts (9 cr)

Behavioral & Social Sciences (9 cr)

Additional Required Courses (9 cr)

Electives (12 cr.)

Additional courses to equal a total of at least 120 credits.

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