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Hitesh Kathuria, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President, University Academic Affairs
Director, Office of Collaborative Academic Programs
Associate Professor of Chemistry / Biochemistry
Whitewater Hall 254
Phone: 765-973-8247


  • 2016 – Management Development Program, Harvard University, MA.
  • 2005 – Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi.
  • 1999 – M.S. Biochemistry, Hamdard University, New Delhi. (Gold Medalist)
  • 1997 – B.S. (Honors) Biochemistry, University of Delhi, New Delhi.
  • 1994 – Senior School Certificate Exam, Springdales School, CBSE, New Delhi.

Current Research Interests

My lab currently works in the area of uncovering cellular mechanisms affected by environmental toxins using Drosophila as the model system.

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Smith C, Blair P, Boyd C, Cody B, Hazel A, Hedrick A, Kathuria H, Khurana P, Kramer B, Muterspaw K, Peck C, Sells E, Skinner J, Tegeler C and Wolfe Z. (2016) Microbial community responses to soil tillage and crop rotation in a corn/soybean agroecosystem. Ecology and Evolution. 1-10. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.2553.
  • Yang Z, Huh S, Drennan M, Kathuria H, Martinez J, Tsuda H, Hall M, and Clemens J.C. (2012) Drosophila Vap-33 Is Required for Axonal Localization of Dscam Isoforms. The Journal of Neuroscience, 32:17241-17250.
  • Srirangam A, Milani M, Mitra R, Guo Z, Rodriguez M, Kathuria H, Fukuda S, Rizzardi A, Schmechel S, Skalnik D.G, Pelus L.M and Potter D.A. (2011) The human immunodeficiency virus protease inhibitor Ritonavir inhibits lung cancer cells, in part, by inhibition of Survivin. Journal of Thoracic Oncology, 6: 661-670.
  • Kathuria H, Giri J, Nataraja KN, Murata N, Udayakumar M and Tyagi AK. (2009) Glycinebetaine-induced water stress tolerance in codA-expressing transgenic indica rice is associated with up-regulation of several stress responsive genes. Plant Biotechnology Journal. 7, 512-526.
  • Kathuria H and Clemens JC. (2009) The Down Syndrome Cell Adhesion Molecule. In “The Sticky Synapse” from Springer. ISBN-13: 978-0387927077 Pages 202-222.
  • Kathuria H, Giri J, Tyagi H and Tyagi A.K. (2007) Advances in transgenic rice biotechnology. Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 26: 65-103.
  • Kathuria H, Mohanty A and Tyagi A.K. (2003) Analysis of inheritability and expression profile of single and multi-copy transgene(s) in rice over generations. Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 12: 103-107.
  • Mohanty A, Kathuria H, Ferjani A, Sakamoto A, Mohanty P, Murata N and Tyagi A.K. (2002) Transgenics of an elite indica rice variety Pusa Basmati 1 harbouring the codA gene are highly tolerant to salt stress. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 106: 51-57.

Selected Previous Employment Positions

  • 2006-2008 – Postdoctoral fellow in Department of Biochemistry, Purdue University, IN.
  • 2005-2006 – Postdoctoral fellow at Cancer Research Institute, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN.

Selected Academic Awards/Recognitions

  • 2015 - Indiana University East Service Award - Given in recognition of exemplary service to campus and the community.


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