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Wes Tobin

Assistant Professor in Physics
Whitewater Hall 200C


  • Ed.D., Science (Physics, Astronomy & Chemistry), Ball State University, 2016 (ABD)
  • Certificate in College and University Teaching, Ball State University, 2015
  • M.S., Astrophysics, Iowa State University, 2008
  • B.S., Physics and Mathematics, Indiana State University, 2005

Current Research Interests

  • Observational Astronomy
    Peculiar Velocity Structures in Galaxy Clusters
    High-Precision Variable Star Photometry
  • Educational Research in the Physical Sciences
    Pedagogical Methods including Corequisite/Concurrent Enrollment Strategies
    Online and Technological Methods of Instruction using NROC, OER, QM, PhET, etc.
    Statistical Modeling and Analysis

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Tobin, R.W. and R.C. Berrington. A Study of the Velocity Structures in Abell 154, 2013, Fall Regional APS Meeting.
  • Tobin, R.W. and R.C. Berrington, A Study of the Velocity Structure in Abell 71, Abell 104, and Abell 154. 2010, BAAS 42, 385.
  • Gonzalez, G., M.K. Carlson and R.W. Tobin. Parent Stars of Extrasolar Planets. XI. Trends with Condensation Temperature Revisited, 2010, MNRAS 407, 314-320.
  • Gonzalez, G., M.K. Carlson and R.W. Tobin. Parent Stars of Extrasolar Planets. X. Lithium Abundances and vsini Revisited, 2010, MNRAS 403, 1368-1380.
  • Tobin, R.W. and R.C. Berrington. The Search for Substructure in Rich Galaxy Clusters, 2009, Fall Indiana Academy of Science Meeting.
  • Tobin, Ryan Wesley. Photometric Variability of Sun-like Stars in the Old Open Cluster M67, 2008, Thesis, Iowa State University.
  • Tobin, R.W. Basics of Mathematica, 2007, Iowa State University.
  • Tobin, R. Wesley and J. West. Closed Orbits about a Massive Thin Ring, 2006, Eur. J. Phys. 27, 215-223.


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