Red Wolves Write

Red Wolves Write

“It remains vitally important to keep reading and writing, language and story, at the heart of the educational process… because shaping stories through human language can enhance the quality of our lives, and teach us something important about what it means to be human.” ~ Waxler (2011) in Transforming Literacy: Changing Lives through Reading and Writing

Red Wolves Write is a community-oriented yearlong program centered on writing intended to bring together college students and diverse community members for reading, conversation, writing, and reflection in a supportive environment. Through collaboration with high school students, at risk youth, older adults, and English language learners, participants discover opportunities to connect, share stories and learn about each other.  Writing serves a number of purposes, which will be explored in the various facets of the Red Wolves Write program:

  • Red Wolves Write Online will help area teachers better understand and resolve the gap between high school and university writing. It will encourage area students to prepare for college, and strengthen the connection between Indiana University East instructors and students with community members in the IU East service region. 

  • Red Wolves Write with Wernle will provide strategies for vulnerable youth to make positive choices using a literature-based and therapeutic writing approach. It will also enable IU East criminal justice students to improve the communication and social skills needed to be effective criminal justice professionals.

  • Red Wolves Write with Older Adults will give participants the opportunity to share, through discussion and writing, the transformative effect “place” has on their lives. IU East students will improve communication skills interacting with older adults; learn new research skills, and enhance their use of reflective writing to communicate their understanding of community history.

  • Los lobos rojos escriben will develop IU East students as cultural ambassadors. They will use writing and language learning activities to improve the literacy of English language learners who are within the 5% of households in Wayne County where Spanish is the primary language.