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Academic Calendar

The Indiana University East academic year is divided into three semesters/terms: Fall (August to December), Spring (January to May), and Summer (May to August).


Important Dates & Deadlines (detailed semester/term calendars)

  1. Spring Semester 2015
  2. Summer Term 2015
  3. Fall Semester 2015

  4. Spring Semester 2016
  5. Summer Term 2016
  6. Fall Semester 2016

Common IU Academic Calendar through Spring 2031

In order for students to transfer from one IU campus to another, without loss of time in the pursuit of their educational goals, the Indiana University Board of Trustees approved a common academic calendar that is followed by all IU campuses.

The common IU calendar establishes the following Fall and Spring semester dates through Spring 2031...

  1. Semester/term begin date (i.e., first day of classes)
  2. Census date (i.e., official enrollment date)
  3. 100% refund date -- end of first week
  4. 75% refund date -- end of second week
  5. 50% refund date -- end of third week
  6. 25% refund date -- end of fourth week
  7. Last day to drop and receive an automatic "W" -- end of ninth week

Thus far, summer term dates have not been impacted, but that is subject to change.  Also, at this time, mini-sessions within the semester, as well as fall and spring breaks are still determined at each individual campus.

Previous semester/term calendars