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  6. FLAGS - Student Engagement Roster (SER)

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    1. August 27 - September 2   Mandatory Reporting Round #1 (Roster Verification)
      Please compare your Faculty Center (SIS) class roster with who is actually attending. The drop for non-payment policy uses "Never Attended" as an indicator to determine if a student will be removed from class. Please assess if a student has never attended by considering physical class attendance or Canvas login/course participation for online classes.

    2. September 4 - October 8   Early Alert
      Please use the Student Engagement Roster (SER) during this timeframe to report academic performance concerns such as missing assignments and/or poor performance on homework, quizzes, or exams. Early and frequent reporting is encouraged. Outreach to students is conducted weekly.

    3. October 9 - 15    Mandatory Reporting Round #2 (Federal Financial Aid verification) - also serves as initial roster verification for 2nd eight week classes.

If  you need assistance with the Student Engagement Roster, please contact Carrie Reisner, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement at (765) 973-8404 or by email at

eTextbook Information for Faculty
IU has agreements with more than 20 textbook publishers and the software provider Courseload to establish new models of eText delivery. The eText program will be available at IU East for classes starting this summer and in the fall. For more information, visit IU East faculty, who wish to use an eTextbook, should contact their school's eTextbook Coordinator.

eTextbook Coordinators:
Karla Stevenson – BUSE
Jessica Rice – EDUC
Cynthia Wicker – HSS
Diana Fahl – NSM
Nancy Schlichte – NURS
Linda Melody Cottongim – SWK

eTextbook “troubleshooter”
Gretchen DeHart, DEHARTG, – Center for Teaching and Learning