Indiana University East

Immunization Compliance

According to the Indiana University policy (Management of Infectious and Communicable Disease PS-EHS-03), effective Fall 2016, all new students who have at least one on campus class must submit dates for immunizations during the first semester of enrollment or upload documentation explaining why they were not immunized. Students will not be eligible to enroll in their second semester until this information is provided.

Required immunizations include: measles (two doses), mumps, rubella, Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis), varicella (chickenpox, two doses), and acknowledging the risk of meningitis. Students who are not U.S. citizens must also submit proof of a negative tuberculosis test to become compliant. 

Immunization Requirements

Students born before January 1, 1957 do not need to provide information for measles, rubella and mumps.


  • Students must have been immunized with two doses of live measles vaccine.
  • The first dose given on or after the first birthday, and the second dose must be given at least 28 days after the first.

Rubella (German Measles)

  • Students must have been immunized with vaccine on or after their first birthday.


  • Students must have been immunized with vaccine on or after their first birthday.

Tetanus, Diphtheria

  • Students must have received a Td booster within the last ten years.


  • Students must provide a signature that indicates acknowledgment of the risks associated with meningococcal disease and the benefits of vaccination.


  • International students must provide documentation of TB testing in the United States. 


All new students, who have at least one on-campus class on the East campus, are required to complete and submit the Online Immunization Compliance form in One.IU before the first day of classes.

Student Compliance via One.IU

Documentation from a medical provider is not required if you have been immunized and are able to provide the month and year for the immunizations requested. If you are unable to provide immunization dates, please see Immunization ** MEDICAL ** Exemptions section below.

Failure to Comply

Non-compliance warnings for students who do not respond to the early request for immunization data will appear in the registration system when they register for classes and again by email. Registration for the next semester or session will be prevented for students who do not provide this required data. In order to maintain the confidentiality of medical record information, immunization data provided to offices other than the School of Nursing or the Center for Health Promotion cannot be used to comply with this state mandated requirement.

Immunization ** MEDICAL ** Exemption

Documentation from a medical provider is required if you cannot provide the month and year for immunizations due to one of the following:

  1. You have immunity because you had the disease. Documented proof of disease history is considered to be in full compliance with state law. A physician's written statement is required to prove immunity.
  2. You have laboratory evidence of immune titer. 
  3. You have a contraindication to a vaccine. If a medical contraindication (e.g., allergy to eggs, pregnancy, reaction to vaccine, participation in a current sequence of immunizations, etc.) exists, a written statement from a physician is required to document each specific medical contraindication.

In addition to providing a written physician's statement and/or documentation from a physician, you must also print and complete the Medical Provider Form.

Send the completed form, with exemption documentation, to the IU East School of Nursing and Health Sciences at email address

Immunization ** RELIGIOUS ** Exemption

A religious objection does not exempt a student from immunization unless the exemption is made in writing, and signed by the student. Please note that students filing a religious exemption will be required to leave campus if an outbreak of any listed preventable disease occurs on or near campus. Requests for religious exemption must be in writing and must be uploaded using the Immunization Compliance page in One.IU.

MENIGITIS Acknowledgment

Indiana state law requires the University to inform you of the risks associated with meningococcal disease (Meningitis) and the benefits of vaccination. All students are required to confirm that they have read and understand these risks by completing and submitting the online  Immunization Compliance Form in One.IU.

  1. Log into OneIU (
  2. Type Immunization in the Search Box
  3. Select Immunization Compliance Form from the drop-down
  4. When the Immunization Compliance Form icon appears, click the Start button
  5. Follow the prompts

Failure to comply with this requirement can cause students to be prohibited from registering for future terms.


Questions concerning medical exemptions should be directed to the IU East School of Nursing and Health Sciences at (765) 973-8242,

Questions concerning religious exemptions should be directed to the Office of the Registrar/Student Records, Whitewater Hall 116, (765) 973-8270,