Registrar & Student Records

Reciprocity Agreements (OH & KY)

These agreements establish the guidelines under which students shall be classified as "Ohio reciprocity students" or "Kentucky reciprocity students" on the Indiana University East campus for university fee purposes. These agreements should not be confused with the IU System Residency Policy. While Ohio/Kentucky reciprocity students qualify to pay the in-state rate of tuition, they are, by definition, "non-resident" students.

  1. "Residence" means the place where an individual has his/her permanent home and has voluntarily fixed as a permanent habitation when not called elsewhere for labor, studies or other special or temporary purposes.
    1. A person entering the state from another state or country does not at that time acquire residence for the purpose of these Rules until such person has been a resident for 12 months.
    2. Physical presence in a qualifying Ohio county, for the predominant purpose of attending a college, university, or other institution of higher education, shall not be counted in determining the 12-month period of residence; nor shall absence from for such purpose deprive a person of resident student status.
  1. A person may be classified as an "Ohio Reciprocity" student for fee payment purposes at Indiana University East only when he/she has maintained a permanent residence in Butler, Darke, Mercer, Preble, Shelby, or Van Wert counties in Ohio or a "Kentucky Reciprocity" student when he/she has maintained a permanent residence in Boone, Carroll, Gallatin, or Trimble counties in Kentucky for 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of classes of the academic session in which he/she plans to enroll.
  2. The residence of an unemancipated person under 21 years of age follows that of his/her parents or legal guardian. In the event of a divorce or separation, if either parent meets the "Ohio or Kentucky Reciprocity" resident requirement, such person will be considered an "Ohio or Kentucky Reciprocity" student.
  3. The foreign citizenship of a person shall not be a factor in determining "Ohio or Kentucky Reciprocity" student status if such a person has legal capacity to remain permanently in the United States (i.e., holds a "Permanent Resident Alien" card).
  4. At the point of admission to Indiana University East, the Office of Admissions will make the initial determination as to an applicant's eligibility for classification as an Ohio or Kentucty reciprocity student.
  5. A person classified as a non-reciprocity eligible student may show that he or she is exempt from paying the nonresident fee by clear and convincing evidence that he or she has been a resident of Butler, Darke, Mercer, Preble, Shelby, or Van Wert counties in Ohio or Boone, Carroll, Gallatin, or Trimble counties in Kentucky for 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of classes of the academic session in which his or her fee status is to be changed. Such a student will be allowed to present his or her evidence only after the expiration of 12 months from the reciprocity qualifying date, i.e., the date upon which the student commenced the 12-month period for reciprocity status. The following factors will be considered relevant in evaluating a requested change in a student’s non-reciprocity status and in evaluating whether his or her physical presence in one of the qualifying Ohio or Kentucky counties is for the predominant purpose of attending Indiana University East. All factors will be considered in combination, and ordinarily reciprocity student status will not result from the doing of acts which are required or routinely done by sojourners in the state or which are merely auxiliary to the fulfillment of educational purposes.
    1. The residence of a student’s parents or guardians.
    2. The source of the student’s income.
    3. To whom a student pays his or her taxes, including property taxes.
    4. The state in which a student’s automobile is registered.
    5. The state issuing the student’s driver’s license.
    6. Where the student is registered to vote.
    7. The marriage of the student to a resident of Ohio or Kentucky (living in a qualifying county)..
    8. Ownership of property in Ohio or Kentucky (qualifying county).
    9. The residence claimed by the student on loan applications, federal income tax returns, and other documents.
    10. The place of the student’s summer employment, attendance at summer school, or vacation.
    11. The facts and documents pertaining to the person’s past and existing status as a student.
    12. Parents’ tax returns and other information, particularly when emancipation is claimed.
  6. The fact that a person pays taxes and votes in a qualifying Ohio or Kentucky county does not in itself establish residence, but will be considered as hereinbefore set forth.
  7. Upon appeal, the registrar or the person fulfilling those duties on the IU East campus shall reclassify the student as a reciprocity student or a non-reciprocity student and may require proof of all relevant facts. The burden of proof is upon the student making a claim to a reciprocity student status.
  8. A student who is not satisfied by the determination of the registrar has the right to lodge a written appeal with the Standing Committee on Residence within 30 days of receipt of written notice of the registrar’s determination, which committee shall review the appeal in a fair manner and shall afford to the student a personal hearing upon written request. A student may be represented by counsel at such hearing. The committee shall report its determination to the student in writing. If no appeal is taken within the time provided herein, the decision of the registrar shall be final and binding.
  9. The Standing Committee on Residence is authorized to classify a student as an Ohio or Kentucky reciprocity student, though not meeting the specific requirements herein set forth, if such student’s situation presents unusual circumstances and the individual classification is within the general scope of these Rules. The decision of the committee shall be final and shall be deemed equivalent to a decision of the Trustees of Indiana University.
  10. A student or prospective student who shall knowingly provide false information or shall refuse to provide or shall conceal information for the purpose of improperly achieving reciprocity student status shall be subject to the full range of penalties, including expulsion, provided for by the university, as well as to such other punishment which may be provided for by law.
  11. A student who does not pay additional monies which may be due because of his or her classification as an Ohio or Kentucky reciprocity student within 30 days after demand, shall thereupon be indefinitely suspended.
  12. A student or prospective student who fails to request reciprocity student status within a particular semester or session and to pursue a timely appeal (see rule 8) to the Standing Committee on Residence shall be deemed to have waived any alleged overpayment of fees for that semester or session.
  13. These reciprocity agreements are only for Ohio residents of Butler, Darke, Mercer, Preble, Shelby, or Van Wert counties, or for Kentucky residents of Boone, Carroll, Gallatin, or Trimble counties.
  14. To qualify for Kentucky reciprocity, students must be admitted to the B.S. Business Administration (2+2 degree completion) program at Indiana University East. No other majors have been approved for the Kentucky reciprocity agreement at this time.
  15. These reciprocity agreements are good only at Indiana University East. If an Ohio or Kentucky reciprocity student transfers to another IU campus that student will pay non-resident out-of-state tuition fees at that institution.