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Official Transcripts - General Information

Effective January 1, 2016 the fee for an official transcript is:

  • The cost of a paper transcript is $15.00 per
  • The cost of a PDF (electronically delivered) transcript is $10.00 per

An official transcript is a comprehensive record of all courses completed at any of the Indiana University campuses. Any student whose University financial account is clear may obtain a copy of his or her complete academic record (official transcript) from the Office of the Registrar at IU East.

Official transcripts are printed on security paper and are embossed with the Indiana University seal and signature of the Registrar.

To receive a copy of your transcript, all financial obligations to the University must be clear/current. This includes your account with the Bursar (765) 973-8345. If you have any past balance due, there will be a "hold" on your record and we will not be able to issue your transcript. If you think you might have any past debt, please contact the Bursar's Office for clearance before submitting your transcript request.

Delivery Options and Fees


PDF Copy Delivered
via E-mail

Paper Copy Delivered via Mail

Number of transcripts you may send to each recipient


No limit

Cost per transcript (effective 01/01/2016)



Registrar's Office avg. processing time

Same or
1 business day

Prepared for mailing within 1-2 business days

Expected delivery once request has been processed

Within a few hours*

Based on USPS guidelines, first-class mail is expected to be delivered to US addresses within 10 "business" days. There is no way to determine mail delivery time for international mail.

* Some records require a one-time validation before the transcript can be produced which could delay the electronic delivery process up to one day.
Electronic PDF option is unavailable to students with enrollment prior to Fall 1965; contact the IU Bloomington Registrar's Office.

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Requesting your IU Transcript

All transcript requests are processed by the Office of Student Records (Whitewater Hall, Rm. 116). Paper transcripts are $15.00 each; PDF transcripts are $10 each. You can request a copy of your academic transcript either in-person, online, through the mail, or by fax.

In-Person Request

Visit the Office of the Student Records (WZ 116), fill-out a Transcript Request Form, and pay the Bursar. While most transcript requests can be processed while you wait, you should always allow one working day. Please bring a picture ID so we can verify your identity.

Some institutions or agencies prefer the transcript not to have been in the hands of the student. Check with them to be certain. In other cases, some agencies or institutions require that each transcript be placed in a sealed envelope with the Registrar's signature affixed to the back. Just let us know and we will be happy to provide this service.

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eTranscript Request (online request)

eTranscript Request is an online request service requiring payment by credit card (MasterCard/Visa/Discover). Paper transcripts are $15.00 each; PDF transcripts are $10 each.

Recent / Active Students

If you are currently enrolled, or have been enrolled at IU East within past 5 years, and remember your username and password, you can order your IU transcript electronically at eTranscript Request for RECENT and/or ACTIVE STUDENTS

  • Navigate to and login to OneIU,
  • Type "transcript" in the Seach box,
  • select eTranscript Request (Recent Students),
  • click "Start".

Former / Inactive Students

If it has been more than 5 years since you attended IU East, or you cannot remember your username and password, you can still order your IU East transcript electronically at eTranscript Request for FORMER and/or INACTIVE STUDENTS.

  • Navigate to and login to OneIU,
  • Type "transcript" in the Seach box,
  • select eTranscript Request (Former Students),
  • click "Start".

Mailed Requests

To request a transcript by mail, fill out the Transcript Request Form. Mail the completed form along with a check or money order, payable to Indiana University East, to our address listed below.

Office of the Registrar
Indiana University East
Whitewater Hall, Rm. 116
2325 Chester Boulevard
Richmond, IN 47374-1289
Attn: Transcript Request

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Faxed Requests

To request a transcript by fax, fill out the Transcript Request Form. Fax the completed form to (765) 973-8288. Payment must be made by MasterCard/Visa/Discover charge card ONLY. We are not prepared at this time to accept requests for transcripts via e-mail. Faxed requests are processed and mailed within two to three business days following receipt.

Though IU East will accept faxed requests for transcripts; however, we do not fax records out. The Bloomington Office of the Registrar offers a premium Transcript by Fax service for those who need transcripts immediately and don't live near a city with an IU campus.

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Unofficial Transcript

Current enrolled students who simply want an unofficial copy of their transcript may obtain one without charge using OneIU. Be aware that any document produced from OneIU will not typically be accepted for any official transactions such as applications for admission or as proof of a degree. This tool is not available to students who have been out of school for any period of time.

To access your unofficial transcript using OneIU, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to and login to OneIU,
  • Type "transcript" in the Seach box,
  • select Unofficial Transcript,
  • click "Start".

The unofficial transcript is designed to show exactly the same information as your official Indiana University transcript. Term and cumulative IU GPA statistics throughout the transcript are based on university-wide rules (for example, all X grades are honored for exclusion from the GPA, and all coursework and grades are included even if repeated).

At the end of the transcript, you will also see the Student Program GPA summary. These statistics are calculated according to the rules of your current program (e.g., whether X grades are honored for exclusion from the GPA, whether courses may be repeated for credit). Certain courses may be designated with a note indicating the course was repeated or an equivalent course was later completed. Courses with this note are excluded from the Student Program GPA calculation.

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