Student Records

Student Identification Number

In its continuing efforts to maintain the privacy of students' records, the university is no longer using the Social security number as the primary means of identification. As such, all students have been assigned a randomly selected ten-digit "student identification number" through the university's student information system. The Social security number will continue to be collected by the Offices of Admissions and Financial Aid for the purposes of processing aid requests through the Department of Education. All students should learn their ten-digit student identification number. Student ID cards, made through the Office of Campus Life, Springwood Hall, Rm. 107 will now be printed with the student identification number affixed.

If you do not know your university student ID number

  1. Log onto OneStart (
  2. Scroll down to the Services & Information box
  3. Under IU Accounts, you should see a link for "Lookup my University ID Number"
  4. Click on that link