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Alumni Spotlight: Megan Frame

Megan Frame

Being in high school brought some maturity and perspective to Megan. She grew up knowing her parents loved and cared for her. Then one day she realized not all kids had it as good as she did. Some kids, sadly, grow up being abused in a variety of ways. Being drawn to children, Megan felt lead to pursue the social sciences.

“My defining moment, when I knew I really wanted to become a social worker came through my junior year practicum. I was able to use what I had learned in class in a real-life setting and experience what social work looked like outside of the classroom,” stated Megan. “I realized during this time that if I’m going to spend so much time working at a job, I want it to be helping people. I wanted to live with purpose, not only in my free time, but my entire life, which includes my job.”

A conversation with her IU East advisor, Ed FitzGerald, resulted in an opportunity working with the Indiana Department of Child Services. She is now one of their case managers. Megan will vouch that social work is not easy. Not if you’re doing it right. It’s time consuming and more than a little stressful. But she feels it’s also very rewarding to make a difference even in one person’s life and to see a positive change. “It makes all the long hours spent studying, writing papers, group projects, practicums, and sitting inside for weekend classes on bright sunny days worth every second,” Megan said.

As a recent alumna, Megan offers a bit of advice to students considering their career direction. “You have so many options for a career, lots of different areas to choose from. Whatever you do, make sure you choose something you will be proud of and not look back feeling like you’ve wasted 40 hours a week for the past 20 years. That’s a lot of time you could have spent helping someone else and a lot can be done in 41,600 hours (whoever said social workers can’t do math?) Make sure whatever you do, that your heart is in it.”

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