Testing Center

Faculty Resources

All exams must be provdided to the Testing Center 24 hours in advance and have an attached completed exam cover sheet. Failure to provide exams 24 hours in advance may result in postponing the exam being proctored.

You can download the pdf file cover sheet, located to your right, to your computer before filling it out for your students. You may return the coversheet hardcopy with your exams or send it as an attachment in an email to rlang@iue.edu

Student Accomodations: Students needing accommodations must initially meet with Larry Scott, our Disabilities Coordinator, in Student Support Services (SSS), http://www.iue.edu/support/services.php at least one week prior to the first scheduled exam to determine the appropriate accommodations.

Instructors should refer students to SSS as soon as the student indicates the need. Students seeking accommodations are responsible for making the initial, tentative appointment including communicating to the faculty regarding arrangements.

If you have any questions, please contact the Testing Center at (765)973-8561 or by e-mail at rlang@iue.edu