Testing Center

How to Sign-up For an Exam

Registering (Firefox and Internet Explorer preferred) for an exam can be completed online or by calling 765-973-8249. Please only register for an exam once per class.

Step One: Visit: AppointmentQuest

Step Two:  Indicate your test type.  Below are the options you will have to choose from:

  • What is a Standard Test?
    A Standard Test is usually a make-up test or a proctored test for online courses.  
  • What is a Compass Test?
    A Compass Test is a computerized test that assists your college in evaluating the skills and places you into an appropriate course.  Please speak with the Office of Admissions for further information at (765) 973-8208.
  • What is an Accommodation Test?
    Accommodation Tests are administered after proper documentation from Student Support Services. Contact the Office of Student Support Services at 765-973-8310.

Step Three: Choose the date you would like to take the test.

Step Four: Choose a time to take the test from the times given.

Step Five: Input your contact information for the testing appointment.

Step Six: Confirming the appointment has been scheduled successfully.
Upon a successful registration, you will receive an email confirmation. Print your confirmation receipt and bring it with you on your test date.

If you try to register, but you don't think the registration was successful, please log out of the testing website, and log back in again. Then it should tell you whether you are registered for the test. Unless you register over the weekend, there will be an email confirmation sent to you stating that the registration was successful within 24 hours.