University College

Probationary Students

So you had a rough semester. It can happen to any student, for a variety of reasons. At IU East, we want to help you succeed.

You have been placed on academic probation by the Dean of Students and have received notification through the mail of your probationary status. This means that you earned less than a 2.0 grade point average for a full-time semester. For more information, see our Academic Standards.

It is critical that you work closely with your advisor this semester. If your grades do not improve, you risk academic suspension.

As a student on probation, you are required to see your assigned academic advisor in order to register. As advisors, our main goal is to help you succeed academically, and we have many tools at our disposal to help you improve your performance in the classroom. It is important to maintain contact with your advisor while you are on probation. The sooner we know about a problem, the sooner we can help you work through it.

Some ways we will try to help you succeed include:

Suspended Students

If you do not make satisfactory progress after being placed on academic probation, you will be suspended from IU East by the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students' Office will notify you of your suspension status via certified mail. That letter will explain your suspension and encourage you to appeal your suspension if you still wish to attend IU East.

If you decide to sit out for a semester as a suspended student, you must see the Dean of Students prior to future enrollment. Once you have re-enrolled, you will meet weekly with your academic advisor. This advisor will monitor your progress throughout the semester.

The Appeal Process

You may appeal your suspension by writing a letter to the Admissions and Academic Affairs (AAA) Committee and attending a scheduled hearing with faculty members to discuss your appeal. As academic advisors, we are available to assist you with the appeal process and help you plan for the hearing.

If you are reinstated as a student by the AAA committee you will enroll in the courses designated by the committee, and also sign an "Academic Performance Contract" for weekly meetings with a specified advisor. This advisor will monitor your progress over the semester.

Once your GPA is above a 2.0, and you have met any other conditions set by the faculty committee, you will be removed from suspension status. You are then permitted to enroll in a full course load, in collaboration with your advisor.

For more information, see our Academic Standards.