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Student Spotlight: Ryan Lacey

Ryan Lacey

A trip to the Purdue University College of Pharmacy confirmed what Ryan Lacey always knew about his career path. Working as a pharmacist would suit his personality perfectly. Couple that with the fact that chemistry and biology have always come easy for him, and he has the perfect formula for career satisfaction.

At IU East, Ryan is taking biochemistry courses in preparation for applying to a graduate pharmacy program. He credits his chemistry professor, Hitesh Kathuria, as the one pushing him to stay on top of all the requirements necessary for acceptance to pharmacy school.

Ryan also works as a research assistant with Kimberly Greer, assistant professor of biology, on her “Aging and Pug Dog Ensefalitis Studies,” which has taught him multiple ways to extract DNA for research projects as well how to run complicated test equipment. Ryan is taking advantage of all the opportunities available to him as an undergraduate to prepare for his future career.