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Career Development

FOCUS 2 Career Assessment

FOCUS 2 is an online resource to assess your interests, values, personality and skills.  You can explore and compare majors and occupations, then use the information to plan an educational and career pathway that “fits” you and supports your goals.  Make sure to share your results with an advisor or career counselor!

FOCUS 2 Can Help You:

  • Decide a major which best matches you.
  • Learn what careers best suit you.
  • Better understand the IU East majors which lead to specific careers.
  • Help you make informed decisions.

How Much Time Does it Take?

  • The assessments take about 45 minutes to complete.  We suggest you spend extra time researching different occupational choices.  Plus view videos from the library of over 300 career choices!
  • You may re-use FOCUS 2 as often as you like.  Go back to review your saved results and explore new options.

How to Get Started:

New Users: Create a new account using the IU East access code: redwolves

Returning Users: Log in to the account you already created.


Indiana University East now offers help to students and alumni for internship and career placement near graduation. The CareerLink system now in use allows students and alumni to create or upload their resumes for viewing by their choice of employers who post to the system. Your resume will be reviewed for internship placement opportunities before being officially released for review by employers. You are in charge of which employers may see your resume!

Individualized Counseling

Meet with a member of our staff to discuss your interests and plans. We can direct you to various sources of information that will help clarify and guide your decision-making process.

Career Planning Course

One career planning courses is offered at IU East. Ask your academic advisor about COAS X208, Basic Career Development.


Internships are work experiences that allow you to develop your professional skills and learn from current professionals in the field. They are a great way to build your resume! Contact Liz Ferris at 765-973-8584 to discuss current internship opportunities and learn how an internship can help you achieve your long-term goals.

Graduate and Professional School

If you're considering an advanced degree, you can find guidance and information in the Career Planning & Placement Center. Read the graduate school guides in our Career Resource Center and begin to prepare for graduate school entrance exams.