University College

Student Coach and Counselors

Our goal is to help incoming freshman students and exploratory students develop the necessary tools to be successful in college. We also work with non-freshman who are on academic probation, or anyone else who needs a little more one-on-one assistance. We help students develop academic, career, and personal goals, and help them feel part of the IU East community.

To help students get on their path to success, we have two Student Coach and Counselors who work with them. We help students to take initiative and be accountable for their actions, teach students how to self-advocate, challenge them to consider different perspectives, and help them to make informed decision. We work with students to set and achieve goals, develop the necessary skills to succeed in college, teach them to become self-disciplined, and to persevere through this exciting but difficult experience.

Our Student Coach and Counselors take an active interest in the student's progress, have a willingness to assist students in exploring college resources, and motivate them to successfully complete their college journey.

Overall, our goal is to help students stay connected, on-track, goal oriented, informed, and motivated.