Wolf Card

Terms & Conditions

Wolf Card is a no-fee, pre-paid convenience account. The Wolf Card account is accessed via your Wolf Card (IU East ID card), and can be used as payment for goods and services at locations determined by the University.


This Agreement is between Indiana University East and the Wolf Card holder (“You” or “Account Holder”). Activating your Wolf Card account acknowledges YOUR acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement. The University reserves the right to modify the agreement.

Account Activation

Your Wolf Card account was established when you registered as a student of IU East or became an IU East employee. Your initial deposit to Your Wolf Card activates your account and binds you to the full terms and conditions of the Agreement.


The Agreement shall start when the account is activated and shall continue automatically renewing for each succeeding year until terminated by either party under the conditions stated in this Agreement or one of the following occurs: (1) Your Wolf Card account balance reaches (0); (2) a subsequent deposit or other circumstances result in a superseding Wolf Card account; or (3) during any consecutive 12 month period you do not use your Wolf Card account (see “Inactive Accounts” provisions).

Depositing Funds

Initial and future deposits may be made on-line at the web interface.  Deposits may also be made in person at the Bursar’s Office or by mailing funds to the following address:

Bursar's Office
Indiana University East
WZ, 102
2325 Chester Boulevard
Richmond, IN 47374

Checks should be made payable to IU East and must contain the Account Holder’s name and 10 digit IU East I.D. # in the memo section of the check. A reference must also be made on the check that this is a Wolf Card payment in order to not be confused with a Bursar tuition payment.

EZ Deposit Option

The EZ Deposit is a convenient way to make a deposit to your campus ID before the start of a semester so you have funds readily available to purchase textbooks, course materials and other items needed for the semester. The amount chosen $250, $500 or both is then billed to your bursar account where it may be paid with financial aid (Title IV form must be signed), scholarships, grants, 529 funds or any method of payment accepted by the Bursar Office. The amount selected is then placed on your campus ID and available to use any where it is accepted approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of classes.

The  EZ Deposit option is available for students in the Optional Fees section when registering for classes and on the one.iu.edu site by searching 'View/Edit Optional Selections'.

For more information please visit the EZ Deposit FAQ.  

Account Use

You may pay for goods and services at approved locations using your Wolf Card; however, You may not request cash advances or withdrawals from Your Wolf Card account.  Wolf Card has been established for the convenience of members of the Wolf Card community in purchasing goods and services on campus and University affiliated premises. It is not designed nor intended to act as a banking service. Consequently, no interest will be paid or credited to account balances maintained in a Wolf Card account, and banking and consumer lending regulations do not apply.  Participating vendors may require additional identification to ensure that the person using the Wolf Card is the owner, and You may be required to sign a receipt for goods received. You are liable for all charges to your Wolf Card account until reported lost or stolen. The University and its agents are not responsible for unauthorized charges made to Your Wolf Card account prior to its being reported lost or stolen.

Use of your Wolf Card

Your Wolf Card, which is used to access Your Wolf Card account, is the property of Indiana University East, and is NOT transferable.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Wolf Card holders are responsible for purchases made on lost or stolen cards. If you suspect your Wolf Card to be lost or stolen, and to avoid fraudulent charges to your account, you should deactivate your card immediately, by contacting IU East Card Services at 765-973-8601 or through the online card management interface at https://secure.iue.edu/managecard/. If you suspect that your card has been stolen, please file a police report with the Indiana University East Police Department. A replacement fee of $10.00 will be charged for lost or stolen cards.

Account Balances & Statements

You may obtain Your Wolf Card account balances from the Bursar's Office during regular hours of operation. You may also obtain statements electronically by clicking the "Manage My Account" link. Wolf Card account activity statements will NOT be automatically distributed, but may be requested from the Bursar's Office. Account balances are also displayed on most readers when a purchase is made.

Refunds & Closing Accounts

The University will refund the remaining balance of your Wolf Card account, less a $15.00 service charge. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Bursar’s Office. Refunds may require four to six weeks for processing. In addition, at the end of the academic year, you may either (a) leave the balance in your Wolf Card account for the next academic year (which requires no action on Your part) or (b) request that your Wolf Card account be closed. If you request that your Wolf Card account be closed, for any reason, You may also request that any balance in your account in excess of the $15.00 service charge be refunded to you, which requires you to send a letter requesting such action to the Bursar’s Office.  Accounts closed during the first week of the semester (fall and spring semesters only) will not incur a $15.00 service charge.

Transferring Account Funds

Wolf Card account balances may not be transferred from one account holder to another.

Inactive Accounts

If a Wolf Card account has sustained no activity for a period of 12 months or more, has a positive balance, and no refund request has been submitted, the Account will be determined inactive and assessed a $3 monthly fee until one of the following occurs: (1) the Wolf Card is used by you for payment; (2) the balance reaches zero (0); or (3) after a period of 60 months a positive balance still remains in the Account greater than $15, the remaining funds are considered unclaimed property by Indiana University East and will be escheated to the state.

Hours of Operation

The University reserves the right to select participating Wolf Card merchants. Each merchant determines their hours of operation, selects the goods and services available for purchase using Wolf Card at their location, and sets the prices for goods and services in their operations.

Changes in Terms & Conditions

The University shall mail, email to your IU East email account, or deliver a written notice at least twenty-one (21) days before the effective date of any change in terms or conditions if the change would result in increased fees, charges, or increased liability for the Account Holder. Prior notice need not be given for any other reason.

Disclosure of Account Information to Third Parties

Campus Card Services will only disclose information to third parties about your account a) in order to comply with a government subpoena or court order, or b) if you give your written permission.

Customer Service

To report problems with Your Wolf Card account or any related equipment, please contact IU East Card Services immediately at (765) 973-8601. For additional information, please write to:

IU East Card Services
Indiana University East
Hayes Hall Room 109
2325 Chester Boulevard
Richmond, IN 47374
Phone: (765) 973-8601
Fax: (765) 973-8564