Read IU East Memories

I have greatly enjoyed the past three years at IU East. Going into my senior year I can't wait to see what it has in store for me. I always enjoy seeing all of the new faces and seeing if I know anyone from my high school who has come to IU East.

I chose IU East because of how close to home it was and it made me feel like I was back at my high school. I came from a small school and IU East was the school for me. I love how IU East always has different activities for the students to do all throughout the year.

My favorite time of the semesters though has to be the aqua massages during Relaxation Days. Those are always the best! I hope IU East continues to grow in the right direction and one day we WILL get the Health and Wellness Center! Happy Birthday IU East!

-Kelsey M. Hannon

My fondest IU East memory was being involved in a student run television show called, "In the Reel." As part of my class credit, I would walk around with a sock puppet dog asking ridiculous questions to people. It was so much fun!

-Michelle King

In 1972, I started classes at IU East after having spent four years in the U.S. Navy.

IU East was situated in the basement of Maguire Hall on the Earlham College campus. We were a small operation back then. Faculty, staff and students totaled just a few hundred people. The administrative offices were at the bottom of a stair well, just off of the parking lot. The weather blew through the doors keeping the climate in the offices pretty much the same as it was outside. Hallways ran off either side of the administration offices containing the class rooms. The Earlham people looked down on us amateurs. We all needed training wheels back then. This was a new adventure for all of us.

Former chancellor, David Fulton was a very young professor, full of energy and wit. His classes were exciting!

During the summers of '73 and '74, I worked as a laborer on the IU East construction site. The first time I saw Whitewater Hall, it was a hole in the ground. The sub-basement for the machinery was the only part of the building in place. With a dirt "skirt" around the hole, it looked like a bomb crater. I raked tons of concrete and carried thousands of bricks while building Whitewater Hall. The drive coming off of Chester Boulevard was a dirt track leading onto what appeared to be farm land.

We've come a long way, but the sense of adventure is still a part of the IU East campus. Things have accelerated! With computers and cell phones making information so available, the opportunity for success has increased. We were a great place then and an even better place now to get an education! Of the "constellation" Indiana University, IU East is the brightest star! I'm proud to have been a small part of her history!

-Robert Ladd

Some of my favorite memories of IU East are the outdoor commencement ceremonies on campus. Absolutely beautiful, when the weather cooperated.

-Mary Ann Morse

In 2006, I was a Student Leader (Student Government). Myself and four other students helped plan cultural diversity events each month to inform the campus of other cultures as well as their cuisine. In doing this, we learned so much about planning events and were a huge part in the activity on campus in the process.

In being a Student Leader, I learned so much about what it means to be a member of a community – the IU East community. It taught me so much and for that I am forever grateful to IU East and so many of its family members! It will always hold a special place in my heart!

-Jessica Jo Rice

Who was your favorite professor? Diana Stanforth. What was a memorable event? My last day of nursing school. What was everyday class like? Busy, stressful, but always with laughter. What was your best memory? My last day as a Supplemental Instruction Leader (SI Leader) and seeing my students pass the class with an A.

-Ashley Shook

My favorite IU East memory was seeing my husband graduate with his associate and bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice. It was a dream that he was able to accomplish and I was able to share it with him, I will never forget his happiness and pride.

-Rachel Swift

IU East will always hold a huge memory for me. When I first started working here in 2005, I had absolutely no desire to pursue a degree at all.

My job at the time required me to run student’s official transcripts and as I would fold them I would see class after class that looked so interesting and the grades that were made seemed achievable. I kept thinking if all these people can do this, I know I can.

Now I am only two semesters away from graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in English and Minor in Women and Gender Studies, and I hope to continue on with my master’s. No matter what, from here on out IU East will always be a huge part of my life.

-Stacy Wharton

Memories are too numerous! I've been honored to watch the growth of IU East as an alumna and staff member. I remember sitting behind Whitewater Hall watching Hayes Hall being built.

I remember when smoking was allowed in the student lounge! I remember "learning" the very small Mac computer from Tom Hamilton!

Most recently, I recall the birth of "Rufus," our beloved Red Wolf and all the exciting athletic events, including Homecoming. Sitting in any course taught by George Blakey is definitely a highlight for any IU East alum!

And then there's my dear Dr. Ron Carter who told me I "didn't pause long enough where there were commas" while reciting 40 lines of John Milton's "Paradise Lost." And there's the unnamed adjunct math instructor who accused me of being wordy ... WHAT? REALLY?

I often feel like I grew up at IU East. I do think it is where I found my soul! I know the next 40 years and beyond are destined for greatness!

-Terry Wiesehan

Oh to already be able to reminisce on the memories gained at IU East. When I first started at IU East, I had the joy of making history right off the bat by playing for the volleyball team the first year we joined the NAIA as well as breaking all the school records. I then had the pleasure of being on the mascot committee and helping to bring Rufus to life.

The transformation that IU East took in the short years I was there was mesmerizing. It went from a small university that not many people heard of to a university that people all over talk about and discuss with parents/students about going to. IU East has the feel of a small university but comes with a big university punch; especially with the new food court.

I am also glad that I got to know and learn from Professor Tom Thomas. He was a wonderful instructor and really helped you to open your eyes in the art world, may he rest in peace. With getting my degree in Studio Art I am thankful I had such wonderful teachers. It is such a small program that you really get to know your professors.

Paul Kriese, being my minor professor, helped me to grow up during my IU East years. I will never forget the jobs I held at IU East because I got to meet many people during that time and make lots of friendships.

It is amazing at how many activities the university holds for students, as well as areas that students can get together and study or just get to know one another. The formation of the Library Living Room was a great addition to the Library, allowing the schools new First-Year Seminar to gain knowledge of the Library. The Graf center, of course, was the place to be when not in class though. It was always enjoyable to play pool and just to sit and talk with friends and drink a coffee.

I also think that having a homecoming was a great way for the students to feel like they were at a major university. Happy 40th birthday IU East and may your next 40 years be just as wonderful and grow even more!

-Allyson Sanders

One of the memories that stands out is the commencement ceremonies while serving on the Alumni Board. Getting to see the graduating class, and their excitement to start their career, is priceless.

-Trevor Jones

My favorite memory(ies) has to be one (or all) of the trips we took in Jean Harper's classes. They always had an incredible educational purpose to them and were so much fun and very unforgettable! Like when we went to Portland, Maine, to study for a day at the documentary school Salt. That was my first time experiencing the true New England and I have longed to return there ever since!

-Amber Hall

My favorite memories of IU East are from my time working in tutorial services. This was a great job on campus to meet fellow students. Being featured on the "Exam Jam" posters that were posted all across campus was fun! During my time at IU East, I was able to see the campus grow and make so many changes that make it the great place it is today! It is an honor to call IU East my alma mater and I am proud to be a Red Wolf!

-Trisha Ann Renner

The wonderful relationships that I had the opportunity to develop with my fellow classmates and with the School of Education faculty are the foundation of my memories of being a student at IU East. I appreciated the collaborative and supportive spirit of those around me. I now have the privilege of teaching here, and I continue to appreciate the relationships I am building with fellow faculty and with students.

-Denice Honaker Williams

Getting involved on campus definitely made all the difference in my undergrad experience at IU East. From working in tutorial services to being an SI for the Spanish language courses, IU East became a second home for me.

My favorite memories, however, were after I stepped outside my comfort zone and made my first trip abroad as one of the 2009 Summer Research Scholars. When I returned home to Indiana, I made several presentations to share my experiences with my IU community. I'll never forget how the events changed not only my own personal outlook, but people around campus recognized me and greeted me in the halls because of it.

More importantly, it is extremely satisfying to find out that you were an inspiration for another student's educational experience, whether it be someone following your lead and going abroad themself, or giving it all s/he's got to persevere and achieve a personal goal no matter how big or small. I know for me, I never would have made it as far as I have without the support and guidance of the wonderful faculty, staff and students of my alma mater. Class of 2010

-Jacquelynn Steele

My favorite memory of IU East will always be the support I received from the staff and professors. After transferring to IU East from a large campus, I had a feeling of coming home. Anytime I had a question or concern, a family emergency, or great news to share, my professors were always helpful and eager to listen. When that type of behavior is modeled to students, I believe it will make them all better in their future professions.

-Kate Vu

My memories are one building, adult students, and no activities beyond the classroom. The instructors were great and the focus was always learning. I am so encouraged and proud of the growth of IU East and how it has evolved into a "campus".

-Pam Hieger

East was my family away from my family for a little over five years. Yes, I changed my major a few times. I loved to be involved so I was active in Student Alumni, Campus Life, Humanities Club and even six years later the Alumni Association! I hope that the students now and in the future feel as at home as I did at East.

-Kimberly Sheckles Murray

I graduated with my associate’s degree in nursing from IU East in 1981. My second degree was a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from IU East and that was in 1989. I also have my Master of Science in Nursing from IUPUI in 1992. I had spent my entire life in Wayne County and my parents were reluctant for me to get to far away from home since I was the first one in the family to go to college. So, I went to IU East because it was in close proximity to my home and it was about a 20-minute drive. It allowed me to live at home while attending college.

At IU East, at that time it was only one building. It was pretty small and there wasn’t really much other than what we called the rec room and that was typically where we would hang out during classes, get something to drink or maybe if we packed our lunch we would sit and study and talk about our families and different things in life which was really good. IU east has had significant growth for the campus. It’s wonderful for our community as well.

I just remember when IU East first started, from what I recall, my dad was somewhat involved in the decision for helping with the decision for IU East to come to Richmond and get started. From what I understand, it was held at Earlham College in Carpenter Hall with just a few classes. I remember how excited my dad was when he found learned that they were going to have nursing here on the campus and he knew that’s what I would be pursuing.

For nursing, it has been a tremendous asset for our community and that is what is near and dear to my heart, is what it has done for nursing.

-Luanne Christofaro

I am graduating this year with a degree in business administration. I came to IU East to play basketball. I was recruited by the athletic director and head coach Mark Hester. I had heard of IU East before that but I came here to play basketball. It’s been a perfect fit for me I think from everything from the opportunity to play ball to the school work, the people, and the size of the school. It’s been great. I didn’t want to go somewhere where I was going to be a number or another face. I wanted to go somewhere where I was going to get personal attention. I was homeschooled growing up, all through high school, so I like the one-on-one with the teachers. The faculty have been very helpful with everything from working with my schedule with basketball to working with me one-on-one. Everyone on this campus knows that the faculty cares about each individual’s success. I really like that. Tim Scales, is one of my favorite faculty. I worked with him several times through internships and class. He wanted his students to succeed. That’s how he teaches. You learn the material and you apply it to real life.

-Brent Burris

I graduated in 1978 with a degree criminal justice. What brought me to IU East was my guidance counselor in high school. I wanted to be a policeman so he recommended coming to IU East. I have a lot of great memories of IU East. I majored in criminal justice so a lot of the classes I took focused on that. In the 70s we had a lot of adjunct instructors, professors, who were people who worked in the field of criminal justice and also taught that. One of the classes I had was criminal law and the prosecuting attorney at the time taught that, Gerald Surface (SIC?). What Mr. Surface would do, we had class on Wednesday nights, and he would run by his closing arguments for his trial for next day in our class and we would be the juries and so we would be able to critique him. He always credited us with helping him get convictions on some cases because of his closing arguments. That way he could present it to us and of course we weren’t familiar with whatever case was going on.

Other good memories, too, is just the campus itself. We started out in the basement of Carpenter Hall at Earlham College in ‘74 is actually my first experience at IU East. Then that spring we moved into the new building which was huge back then. Everyone was just always so friendly. The instructors, it doesn’t matter what time of day, you can always get a hold of them. Everyone was friendly, sociable, and so a lot of good memories. And they’re always working toward your education. It was like that throughout the four years I was there.

-Brad Berner

After raising my 3 boys and taking care of my mother, I came to IU East to take one music course. I was a piano teacher and had a student whose questions stumped me. My son, Rick, already at IU East, encouraged me to enroll and take a course on the basics. I did, and I was so enraptured by learning that I am still here. I fell in love with History through George Blakey's classes and later Eleanor Turk's. I received my associates degree with highest distinction and then went to get a Bachelor's with highest distinction. I became a tutor in the Writing Lab and an SI Leader in 14 different sections over time. I took one course in Oldenburg, Germany, along with two other IU East students. I then went to Ball State to get my master's in Political Science. I was an adjunct in history and political science. My mentors were Paul Kriese and Joe Martin in addition to Blakey and Turk. Oh, and Chris Rogan! I took everything I could from her. I became Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction and held that position for 9 years. During that time, our program won the outstanding SI award internationally. Mary Mahank and I received our award in Orlando. The year prior to that, one of my SI Leaders, Dorothy Campbell, won the international award of outstanding SI Leader. We received our awards in Sweden! When that job ended, I became a visiting lecturer in History and Political Science for four semesters. I am now back to being an adjunct in Political Science. The key to my story can be found when looking at the professors who taught me. They were tough, and they were extremely helpful. During the time I was in school, papers were often 20-25 pages long. I learned how to do REAL research and to travel to Purdue, to California, and to museums in Ohio and Indiana to find my sources. I will ever be grateful to Dr. George Blakey, Dr. Eleanor Turk, Chris Rogan, Joe Martin, and Dr. Paul Kriese - who is still my boss. Because I came back to school so late, many stories have been written about me in local newspapers and in national publications. I U East has become my home. I have been privileged to share what I've learned with students with whom I have a special rapport. My reward is hearing from students and discovering that they have decided to become teachers or history majors or political science majors because of my enthusiastic influence.

-Jerrine Libert

I have fond memories of Joe Blakes Sociology classes that would often cover the Order/Conflict theory he loved to lecture about. Not everyone liked his personality but I really enjoy every moment. I enjoyed the IU East experience (BS 1997) and was able to see the campus expand. My wife attended and graduated from East as well (1990). She is now a public school Administrator and I am a Mental Health Counselor to at-risk youth. Thank you IU East for the opportunity to earn a degree.

-Ritch Baudendistel