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Mission Statement

Indiana University East, a regional campus of Indiana University, offers residents of eastern Indiana, western Ohio and beyond a broad range of bachelor’s degrees and selected master’s degrees and certificates through its traditional main campus in Richmond, off-campus sites, and online program options.

Indiana University East challenges students to grow intellectually and personally in a supportive and scholarly environment where faculty teaching skills and participation in the creation and dissemination of new knowledge and artistic work enhance learning opportunities for all.

Indiana University East values a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and intellectual perspectives among its faculty, staff, and students and in its contributions to the cultural and economic development of the communities it serves.

Vision Statement

Indiana University East Leads the Region as the premier four-year and master’s public institution in eastern Indiana and western Ohio. IU East is both a traditional campus that excels in innovative learning options and a virtual campus with select online degree completion programs. Our customized bachelor’s and master’s programs anticipate the growing needs of citizens in our region, state and nation. We welcome students, faculty, and staff from a wide diversity of backgrounds and cultures.

Our Faculty Leads the Community through their national and international accomplishments. Their teaching/learning innovations and their research, scholarship, and creative activities continue to enrich the citizens of the region, the state, and beyond. Whether teaching online or in the classroom, our faculty is dedicated to creating active learning environments and personalized instruction.

Our Employees Lead the Campus through their commitment to student success and their service to the higher educational needs of the region’s citizenry. Dedicated to a supportive educational environment for our students, all employees focus on ensuring that visitors and students experience a positive and productive atmosphere on campus. Our employees play a major role in sustaining the economic and cultural well-being of the communities they serve. Our collaborative relationships with Ivy Tech Community College, Purdue University College of Technology, and Reid Health enhance the quality of life for all citizens in the region.

Our Students Lead the Future through active engagement in pursuit of their educational goals within an inclusive learning community. Students utilize the expertise of faculty who are committed to student success and who challenge them to reach their full potential as productive citizens in a global society. In preparing for the opportunities of the modern world, our students engage in experiential and international programming, fine and performing arts opportunities, and intercollegiate athletics.

IU East exemplifies the Indiana University tradition of excellence that will propel students, faculty, and community into the challenging decades ahead.

Diversity Statement

Indiana University East is an inclusive and welcoming campus that recognizes, celebrates and embraces differences and commonalities. This includes, but is not limited to, culture, language, ethnicity, race, religion, political opinion, socio-economic status, ability, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status, age and life experience. We are creating a learning and work environment in which people benefit from interaction with one another. At IU East civil rights and civil liberties set the boundaries for respectful discourse and action. As we build an inclusive campus, Indiana University East will continue to engage in dialogue and commit the time, resources and leadership which will aid the continuous growth of respect for human rights of all peoples and cultures through curricular, co-curricular and administrative activities.

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